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Amazon’s Whole Foods Prime isn’t just about fresh kale at your doorstep

Amazon’s $14 billion acquisition of the struggling organics chain Whole Foods sent the $800 billion industry reeling, driving competitor stocks, such as Kroger’s, down by as much as nine percent. The online retailer’s transformation of Whole Foods has taken off with Amazon’s trademark two-hour delivery. As of yet, Amazon has launched Whole Foods Prime in four cities – Austin, Dallas, Virginia Beach and Cincinnati, with plans to expand more this year. With Whole Foods, Amazon has brought the concept of an “everything store” further into the realm of possibility.

Whole Foods, the first mover into organic produce, enjoyed an environment with ever-growing demand and virtually no competition.…

When did Tide get so meta? Super Bowl ads turn self-referential

The hopes of many a party host and advertising enthusiast hung in the balance on February 4, as audiences preparing to tune in to Super Bowl LII hoped desperately for ad redemption in this year’s commercial breaks. After many 2017 spots featured tentative brand positioning related to touchy political and cultural themes, it was difficult to see if advertisers could recover during the 2018 broadcast-either through more of the same political tone, or through a total redirect. In an effort to avoid wading in the murky waters of contemporary discourse, advertisers instead stayed put in the shallows, leaning heavily on the motifs of the most well-known, successful throwback content from decades of football’s biggest night.…

New York State legislature works to regulate blockchain initiatives

The eye watering price gyrations of Bitcoin, the seemingly endless supply of new coins being created via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the raucous bubble debate have captivated the investing public over the past several months. Long dismissed as a fringe financial product, Bitcoin and other alternative coins have been moving in fits and starts into the more mainstream investment ecosystem. Behind the colorful characters, rapid price changes, and daily disruption, the steady development of the blockchain ecosystem continues apace. While technologists and investors continue to break ground on technological innovation, the development of the Blockchain regulatory regime continues in various jurisdictions.…

TV, streaming services poised to usher in new Golden Era for documentaries

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For the past several decades, most documentary filmmakers have worn their poverty as a badge of honor. These filmmakers broke away from government-produced newsreels to create observational, fiercely independent cinema. In the process, they cobbled together film funding from a multitude of grants and loans, while seeking some type of limited distribution through the film festival circuit.

The funding for 1994’s Hoop Dreams, arguably the most critically acclaimed documentary ever made, came from the National Endowment for the Arts and PBS, among others.…

Distilling PropTech: a look at emerging tech-driven solutions in real estate

The past year has seen the emergence of a new technology buzzword: PropTech (or property technology). Google trends shows the search PropTech has spiked in 2017 amid a surge in attention and funding for technology supporting the real estate industry. Tech analytics firm CB Insights projects that $3.4B in venture capital will be invested in PropTech startups by the end of 2017, a 25 percent increase on 2016.

But what is PropTech? It’s an ambiguous term used to describe technology that relates to real estate, property, or the built-environment. That could mean technologies enhancing our understanding of building performance, facilitating real estate transactions, enabling sharing of physical space, or just creating smarter physical places connected by an Internet of Things.…

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