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Blockchain’s potential leads future for international aid

Distribution of international aid is rarely an efficient process; rather, it is often more commonly known for its bureaucratic red tape, mismanagement and corruption. However, world food aid took a drastic leap forward with cryptocurrency-based vouchers in late May, in Jordan’s Azraq camp, currently sheltering 36,000 Syrian refugees. The United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) used an Ethereum blockchain-enabled platform, called Building Blocks, to record and authenticate transactions for refugees without the interference of a third-party. This successful initiative was proof that Blockchain has a place in revolutionizing international aid.

In a nut shell, blockchain is a public, digital ledger system where transactions are “chained” together in unalterable blocks.…

Thando’s: For the Love of the Sole

Stern Alumni Find Inspiration – and Opportunity – in Fold-Up Flats

Love is always on the minds of Stern full-time MBA alumni Taffi Ayodele (‘13) and J.G. Ayodele (’12). Love for each other. Love for Africa. Love for life. Love for their customers. And love for Thando’s, their startup that focuses on bringing limited edition, vibrant foldable ballerina flats to market. Thando’s, which derives its meaning from “love” in Xhosa (a native South African language) is changing the fashion industry one pair of shoes at a time. The company provides a business platform that integrates fashion, social responsibility, and community-building.

Thando’s produces foldable ballerina flats made from fabric designed and crowd-sourced from African artists through design competitions inspired by causes in Africa.…

Looking for Meaning Inside the Trump Bubble

Where Do Assets Go From Here?

On March 1, 2017, the Dow closed at a ridiculous, wing-melting 21,115.55, an all-time high. In fact, if we go back from there to November 8, 2016, the last day when it seemed Hillary Clinton was likely to become our 45th President, the Dow was up more than 15 percent.

In the 40-some days since setting the record, the Dow is back to the merely lunar mid-20,000 range, a respectable 12 percent(ish) point-to-point gain from November 8.

Alright, let’s conduct a little thought experiment. It’s March 2009 – you’re at home watching CNBC, reading the ticker as it rolls across the bottom of the screen, wishing you bought treasuries or managed futures last summer.…

Strategy Talks Worst Case Scenarios

Strategy & Operations Club Hosts Dynamic Decision Makers

On April 4, 2017, the Strategy & Operations Club held its annual forum, titled “Decision Making in Dynamic Industries.” The event consisted of a 45-minute panel discussion with panelists from BritBox, PepsiCo, and La Colombe Coffee, moderated by Stern Strategy Professor J.P. Eggers, followed by a keynote speech from Scott Pollack (Stern BS ’03), VP of Services & Business Development at WeWork.

Professor Eggers guided the panel discussion through key strategy topics from social media engagement, five-year planning, innovation, and operational tasks, to worst-case scenario planning and understanding which business unit in the company drives “strategy.”…

Suds & Buds: Complements or Substitutes?

How Legalization has Spurred Innovation

It’s a question at least a few of us have pondered while paging through our Firms and Markets textbooks. For some Sternies working in beer, the trend toward cannabis legalization can be viewed more as an opportunity than as a threat to brewers. Many are seeing the plant with the potential medicinal properties that it could offer out front and center; many look for the best CBD oil UK to reap these benefits for its positive effects on mental and physical health. It has now been considered as one of the many ways to help people who suffer from particular physical and mental ailments like chronic pain and anxiety, as it has been known to produce results.…

Disrupting an Underwater Market: Swimsuits

EEX Explores how a former Sternie is Making a Needed Splash

It may come as a surprise to male readers, but many women would rather get a cavity filled than go swimsuit shopping.

Why? Imagine getting nearly naked in a tiny dressing room with terrible lighting, inevitably feeling paler and less toned than you’d like, fending off pushy saleswomen, and then trying to find a swimsuit that isn’t too frumpy or too skimpy – one that fits your body perfectly… because even a half-inch too big or too small will leave you pulling and tugging for your entire vacation.

It’s no wonder that women call the experience “frustrating,” “humiliating,” and even “traumatic.”…

A Few Thoughts on SXSW 2017

Through a B-School Student Lens, It Almost Writes Itself

Each year, thousands of people gather in Austin for one of the year’s highlight events for techie and creative types alike–and there’s no shortage of business insight for a Sternie to find in the shuffle. Here are a few points I couldn’t ignore:

SXSW was more of a logistic nightmare than it usually is.

In case Twitter hasn’t already made this apparent through one meme too many, people were panicking in Austin when they opened their Uber and Lyft apps to get around for SXSW. Austin voted to increase regulation on background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in May 2016.…

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