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National Currency Crisis Crisps Turkey

The Federal Reserve’s gradual raising of interest rates is increasingly impacting the financial stability of emerging market economies. A decade of low interest rates in the West has fueled a surge of dollar-borrowing in emerging markets, as investors seek higher yields. As investors retreat from emerging markets, signs of economic weakness in several countries have begun to surface. The Turkish economy has fallen victim to this development, with its currency, the Turkish Lira, steadily declining against the dollar throughout 2018. Events have taken a more dramatic turn of late, and the collapse of the Turkish Lira has rapidly accelerated over the past several months.

Leibler strengthens blockchain presence on campus

New York University is emerging as an increasingly important hub in the blockchain ecosystem. Renée Leibler, an Executive MBA candidate at NYU Stern, has become a leading figure in the space, both on campus and in the broader blockchain community. Leibler is the President of the NYU Stern Blockchain Digital Asset Forum, a group that brings blockchain and digital asset speakers to campus events. She is also the co-founder of Harmonic Chain, a blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital asset firm focused on business, financial and advisory services.

Leibler began her EMBA program at NYU Stern in 2017, while she was a professor of entrepreneurship at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.…

Alumnus launches crypto-fund HODL Capital

As Bitcoin continues to make headlines, the famously grassroot and libertarian cryptocurrency ecosystem is becoming more institutionalized. You can find out all about bitcoin at or from similar sites who specialize in cryptocurrency. Established financial institutions continue to dip their toes in the water and once scrappy start-ups have begun to transition into more institutional roles. HODL Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund founded by New York University alumni Thomas Pacchia, is one such firm.

While most people use online signals groups such as altcoin signals reddit, Pacchia is hoping that users will transition into more of a paid and official model.…

New York City hosts its first Blockchain Week

From May 11–17, New York City hosted its first Blockchain Week, a joint initiative between New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and leading blockchain news organization CoinDesk, in an effort to nurture the blockchain industry on the East Coast. Revolving around the three-day Consensus conference hosted by CoinDesk for the fourth year, Blockchain Week featured many events led by cryptocurrency companies as well as the first Blockchain Job Fair in New York.

Consensus featured 8,500 attendees from around the world and, with the average ticket costing roughly $2,000, sold approximately $17 million worth of tickets. Over 20 events aside from Consensus took place during Blockchain Week, ranging from forums and panels to company-sponsored parties and events.…

Crescent Crypto CEO speaks to the future of cryptocurrency investment

Crescent Crypto Asset Management is a cryptocurrency investment firm launched in 2017.  The firm’s flagship fund, The Crescent 20 Private Index Fund, seeks to provide investors with a vehicle for passive investing in the cryptocurrency space, and holds twenty of the largest and most liquid cryptocurrencies in the space. Co-founder and CEO Ali Hassan began his career at Goldman Sachs, followed by stints at Granger Management and Fairview Capital. Crescent has two other co-founders, Christopher Matta who also hails from Goldman Sachs, and Michael Kazley, who previously worked as an investor and trader at Cedar Lake Capital.

“Towards the middle of last year, we started to see the asset class really grow,” Ali said.…

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