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NASA’s DART Mission Success (Hopefully) Means We Won’t Be Wiped Out Like the Dinosaurs…

… just by war or climate change.

According to NASA, “DART is the first-ever mission dedicated to investigating and demonstrating one method of asteroid deflection by changing an asteroid’s motion in space through kinetic impact”. This means NASA has DART collide with an asteroid deliberately to change its speed and path i.e., the orbit.

Launched last year, DART targeted the asteroid system “Didymos” which comprises the asteroid Didymos and another asteroid that orbits it called “Dimorphos”. Neither of these objects posed (or poses) any threat to Earth. DART collided with “Dimorphos” and successfully altered its orbit. Initially, NASA had expected to alter Dimorphos’ orbit by around 10 minutes but ended up shortening the orbit by 32 minutes!…

Stern Team Takes on BMW’s Electric Vehicles and Its Place in the Circular Economy

Cover photo: The Stern team includes Ben Gottesdiener, Jessica Tou, Leslie Chao and Phil Schroder.

From design to production, BMW’s i3 and i8 models represent today’s standards of sustainable automobiles. The global automobile leader approached the Stern Signature Project team on the commercialization of electric vehicles (EVs) and kicked off their engagement by posing two questions: What are sustainable business models of dismantling electric off-lease vehicles? How can the most valuable component, the released battery capacity, be marketed most efficiently? 

“BMW asked us to help them think through how to most effectively monetize its fleet of off-lease (cars being returned from lease) electric vehicles,” said Ben Gottesdiener (Stern MBA ‘20).…

With AgTech, the Slow Food Movement Is Gaining Speed

Think “sustainable food” and most likely an image of an overly expensive farm-to-table restaurant pops into your mind. Perhaps the $260 multi-course tasting menu at chef Dan Barber’s swanky Blue Hill at Stone Barns, located Upstate and once featured on the Netflix Original “Chef’s Table,” would be the perfect incarnation of this.

Or, maybe it’s the intimidating selection of frighteningly-named, locally brewed beers at that Brooklyn brewpub.

Believe it or not, sustainability in the food industry is more than just a trend that increases the presence of hipsters in overalls and farm-style Michelin-starred restaurants.

In fact, it’s a growing global movement that has the power to impact not only people on every social strata and in societies worldwide, but also the planet as we know it.…

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