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2020 NYU Stern Fintech Conference: No Borders, No Barriers

By Robert Bole

On March 27th, NYU Stern’s Fubon Center for Technology, Business, and Innovation will host Stern’s Fourth Annual Fintech Conference.

Financial Technology, or “Fintech,” refers to technology focused on improving/ automating components of the Global Financial Services industry.  This improvement is seen typically from utilizing specialized software and/or algorithms, powerful computers, and big data.

The focus of this year’s conference will focus on “Global Fintech 2020: No Borders, No Barriers” and includes a packed agenda with speakers; including Kunal Kapoor (CEO Morningstar, Inc), Charles Elkan (MD and Global Head of Machine Learning at Goldman Sachs), and Andrew Boyajian (Head of Banking, North America Transferwise).   …

Join the Sohn Idea Contest and Stay Tuned for Key Highlights from the Investment Conference

The Stern Oppy is excited to share with you the Sohn Idea Contest presented by GLG. In this contest, participants submit an investment idea with a 12-month horizon. The contest is judged by a distinguished group of today’s best investors.

The winning prize? Get on the stage of the Sohn Investment Conference on May 6 for your moment to shine! Check out details to the contest here and look to previous winners for inspiration!

If you’re unable to apply or attend the conference, stay tuned for key highlights from the Stern Oppy.

Photo credit: Reuters

Last year’s presentation by David Einhorn, President of Greenlight Capital, Inc.

(Updated) Your People Skills Are Just as Important In Person as They Are Online: Interview with Quartz’s Ian Myers

The Stern
is partnering with the Quartz app to enable students to be better
writers and we’re not talking about essays. In fact, we’re talking about smart,
professional comments.

“Eight Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need
to Avoid at All Cost.” “How to Use Smart Commenting to Get Noticed on LinkedIn.”

These headlines are splashing across the web as more and more people expose themselves online. Commenting (on blogs, news sites or professional pages) is just one way to build your network and grow your own professional voice.

For this issue, we had the opportunity to sit with one of the senior leaders of Quartz, Ian Myers.…

Job Posting: Become a Trip Leader in Copenhagen, Lima or Hong Kong!

Serve as a Trip Leader on a undergraduate student trip for the International Studies Program (ISP) in Copenhagen, Lima or Hong Kong from March 17-23, 2019.

Compensation: $3,600 TF for the Spring 2019 semester plus travel stipend

Position Responsibilities:

  • Attend classes and get to know the students in the class
  • Help with course development and administration
  • Grade exams and assignments
  • Attend pre-trip training and information sessions (dates will be provided in advance)
  • Liaise with companies in-country (on which students will be preparing a strategy presentation)
  • Guide students on their strategy projects to prepare for a school-wide competition
  • Travel to Copenhagen, Lima or Hong Kong with 200 students and other team leaders

Due to the unique travel component of this course, it is important that ISP TFs possess leadership skills and demonstrate maturity and responsibility.

Pursuing a Doctorate at Stern

Research and Academic Exploration at Stern

Current Ph.D. Students and Alumni Reflect on Their Experiences as Part of the Stern Doctoral Program

NYU Stern’s Ph.D. Program has a community like no other. The student body, the faculty they interact with during their time at Stern, and their placements in academia and industry after departure are incomparable.  Current Stern doctoral students hail from 27 countries, have an immense variety of research and industry experience prior to their arrival, and have unparalleled perspective into the way Stern creates the bright minds that it does. Two alumni and two current students weighed in on why they decided to pursue a doctoral degree, how their experience at Stern impacted them, and what they intend to do moving forward.

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