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Phuong is a Langone student who started in fall 2020, with experience in program/project management in the nonprofit, behavioral health, and social impact sectors (all at NYU!). She enjoys all things music, from concerts to her carefully crafted Spotify playlists, exploring the city, and of course, writing. She grew up in the Midwest and went to undergrad in Atlanta, so everyone is confused as to how she ended up in NYC, but she'll be here a while.

Productivity Tips for the New Year 

We know what you are thinking…  you could’ve used these tips before finals. Sorry, we had finals too! 😉 However, we wanted to share some tips that will help you succeed in the new year. Grad school is a ton of work, and even more so for those who have full time jobs and other responsibilities. We all know how important good time management is, yet we keep making the same mistakes (are we masochists?) like procrastinating until the very last minute, while getting distracted and underestimating how long things will take. These are some of the practices we have personally adopted, and hope they’ll help you too! …

The Oppy Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! I love picking out gifts for my friends and loved ones and, honestly, for most people it is all about the gesture. It is a lot about the context and the success of your choice depends on so many factors – that is why gift giving can be so nerve-wrecking. A big part of the gift giving experience is based on the giver’s ability to observe the recipient – the most successful gifts I have given were signaling I paid attention to my recipient. What do they like? A common trap is thinking about what we, as gift givers, would like to receive, but we need to remove our own desires and consider our recipient.…

Historical Photography Preservation with NFTs: The Art Form of the Future? Ft. ArtHaus NFT 

On a crisp Friday afternoon in late October, as the leaves were on the cusp of exploding into orange flames, I walked into Madman Espresso to meet Hank O’Neal. 

I had first heard of Hank O’Neal a few months ago when I met Suhayb Zarroug, Randy Friedberg, and Franco Valentino to feature their NFT photography venture on The Oppy. Little did I know that Hank has been a prolific character in New York’s photography and jazz music scene for the past few decades, after he spent a number of years working for the Central Intelligence Agency. So what does an ex-CIA agent, renowned photographer, and record label owner have to do with NFTs? …

Stern Singles Presents: Jeremy Kim 

Sternie Testimonials:

“I have known Jeremy since we were Freshmen at NYU when he wore Abercrombie polos and had no facial hair. He recently officiated my wedding — best officiant ever. Jeremy is always kind and sassy when he needs to be. He’s incredibly supportive and loyal to the people he cares about. Some of his oldest friends call him Jer Bear because he’s cuddly but the claws come out if you mess with his people! He’s also cool as a cucumber in stressful situations and really good at problem solving so you definitely want him on your bank heist crew.”

The Graduate: Conor Clark, Oppy Alumni

The Graduate: Conor Clark, Oppy Alumni 

By: Phuong Tran 

This month’s The Graduate features Oppy alumni Conor Clark, whose career has traversed architectural engineering, consulting, and as of late, a band, music label, and acting. He maneuvers these ventures with the grace and business acumen of someone who has…you guessed it, an MBA. I’ve known Conor since I took over his famous Stern Singles column (from which he is now engaged!), and it was wonderful to catch up and learn more about just how applicable business is in every interest you may have in life. 

Conor Clark…where do we begin with him?

Stern Singles Presents: Katie Jagodka

This article has been edited for clarity.

Sternie Testimonials:

Katie is great and the most self-aware person I have met. One thing I wanna say is, “Spicy boys only.” 

Katie is one of the best people I know! She is so thoughtful and kind and just a great friend. She’s also so much fun!! She’s always down to travel and try new things—she’s the life of the party!! 

If there’s one way to describe Katie Jagodka, it’s “down” – always down for anything and anywhere. I had the pleasure of meeting the vibrant and badass Katie, SoCal native, yoga instructor/pending consultant, with non-basic music taste.…

Roe v. Wade: Then, Now, & Forever 

Last week, a majority draft opinion by the Supreme Court was leaked, stating that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. The historic 1973 ruling has protected awoman’s right to an  abortion without government restriction for nearly 50 years. The ruling has fueled debates between “pro-life” and “pro-choice,” often rooted in the argument of whether abortion is suggestive of “killing” a living being, and therefore  murder or if abortion is ultimately a right to bodily autonomy. It has been scrutinized from the purview of political, evangelical, and scientific communities, with the overlap and distinction of one or more often informing an individual’s opinion on the matter.…


Dear Sternies,

First, we want to acknowledge the incredible run our current editor-in-chief, Deirdre Keane, has had heading the resurrection and successful resurgence of The Oppy over the last two years. We don’t know many people who can save lives at their day job, attend night classes, run a bunch of marathons, and restart a newspaper from scratch all at the same time, especially during a pandemic. Do you? Thanks Deirdre for all you’ve done for The Oppy. We didn’t quite know how to continue without you, so we realized we needed two editors-in-chief to run this thing after you’re gone.…

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