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Dave is a second-year Langone student. Prior to enrolling at Stern, Dave spent 12 years working in content production and development across the National Hockey League’s digital platforms, covering major league events in North America and Europe. He ultimately plans to use his MBA to build on his previous experience and pursue strategy and business development opportunities in professional sports. Dave often spends his free time stressing over answers at pub trivia and riding the 7 train like a moth to the flame to watch the Mets each spring.

Did we fix it?

Here we are, folks. After about two years of me subjecting you all to my political eccentricities, this is the last time I will wax poetic on the, uh, let’s call them “quirks” of our federal government.

I know, I know, but you’ll be ok, I promise. Someone else will write about politics. Someone who actually covers it even! You’ll see.

While I am sad to lose my monthly outlet for expressing how adorable it is that five members of the Supreme Court were nominated by people who became President after losing the popular vote, I know that my work here has been instructive and impactful.…

Is it for real this time?

Well this is odd. I mean, I’m not upset about it. After all, I’ve spent two years writing silly columns in The Oppy with a reference to the Mets in my bio. Clearly, I’m a fan.

Ok, maybe not so much a fan as a zealot or devotee, a blind follower who inextricably links his mental state to the current place in the standings for the New York Metropolitans. I cannot fathom a life well-lived if it doesn’t involve eventually seeing another World Series title in Queens.

Anyways, I’m burying the lede here. The Mets are good. I think. Like, really good.…

One Final Note on My Time at Stern

I never learned to use Excel.

In my previous life I was a sportswriter who became a sports web producer who became a sports content strategist who became a sports digital jack of all trades. Well, not all trades because, you see, I never learned to use Excel.

For the first 12 years of my post-college life, spreadsheets, or for that matter business school, were never on my radar. I didn’t see the point of leaving the career in sports media I had always dreamed of, and, in any event, I never considered myself much of a businessman. With hindsight I now understand that I was lying to myself to some degree.…

When the Manchin comes around

I have a confession to make. As The Oppy was taking its summer vacation, I wasn’t really experiencing much of a vacation. You see, my wife and I bought a house. At long last, a place to display all of my bobblehead dolls without the love of my life having to actually see them! It’s the dream. But the interesting revelation is that we’re finding houses, be they literal or governmental, are full of $urpri$e$. It’s almost as if, to get things functioning normally rather than just slapping a band-aid on structural issues, you have to spend more money than you want to.…

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