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The Stern Opportunity or The Oppy, as Sternies affectionately call it, has been the NYU Stern MBA newspaper for nearly 60 years. We are currently publishing the 58th Volume, making us one of the oldest business school papers in the country. The Oppy is a student-led organization and publishes monthly.

In true NYU fashion, our Editorial Board has always valued diversity of thought and background, giving the Stern community the opportunity to present its best self to the world.


Serve business systems globally by articulating the voice, work, ambition and experiences at The Stern School of Business graduate community.


As the voice of Stern’s graduate community, we foster and promote Stern’s values of being uncommonly connected with our community, believe in the power of businesses to improve society, nurture IQ+EQ through our platform, pursue excellence year over year unbounded by tradition and inculcate belongingness and inclusion in our community by giving everyone a voice.


  • Become the go-to source to learn about the Stern experience for current and prospective students
  • Become a globally known publication as the authentic voice of the Stern community, presenting its diversity in academics, achievements and co-curriculars in full color
  • Promote literary and critical thinking rigor across the campus
  • Create networking opportunities for our students, professors, graduates, administrators, partner businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Release annual print publications featuring the top content at The Oppy for our students, staff and alumni


The newspaper’s goal is to serve as a forum for the NYU Stern School of Business graduate community. We strive to cover current events and achievements of NYU Stern, to reflect on the current state of the world of business through articles and editorials from Stern students, alumni, faculty, and administrators, and to capture the many facets of the school.

More recently, as Covid-19 forced the world to be remote, we have been trying to strengthen the Stern  community and foster belongingness by sharing stories of our diverse classmates along with our regular features. Some of our most read columns are The Graduate (featuring Stern’s MBA alumni impacting the world with their work), Stern Faculty Spotlight (covering Professors making a mark in academia), Stern Somebody (presenting prominent student personalities) and Stern Singles (the fun side at Stern!).


As a student run organization, we have a diverse representation of the Stern Graduate Community in our Editorial Board. Our Board comprises of students from a gamut of specializations including media, technology, healthcare and finance and across both full-time and Langone MBA programs.

Editor-in-Chief: Phuong Tran

Phuong is a Langone student who started in fall 2020, with experience in program/project management in the nonprofit, behavioral health, law, and social impact sectors (all at NYU!). She enjoys all things music, from concerts to her carefully crafted Spotify playlists, exploring the city, and of course, writing. She grew up in the Midwest and went to undergrad in Atlanta, so everyone is confused as to how she ended up in NYC, but she’ll be here a while.

Editor-in-Chief: Snigdha Srivastava

Snigdha is a Langone Student and joined the school in Spring’ 2022. Currently working as a Security and Privacy Control Test Engineer at Google, her experience ranges across the three lines of defense in telecommunications, banking and technology industries.  Previously a National Debater, she is a trained Indian Classical Vocalist and loves New York for its eating scenes! From a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas, she landed in New York in 2014 to pursue a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from NYU and was measurably shocked to find herself in a proper city for the first time! When free, she runs away to Badminton Courts for a few games and reads anything she can grab. Currently, she is going through a life-changing experience of caring for a cat named Luna!

MBA2 Managing Editor: Ria Jambusaria

Ria is a full time MBA student from the Class of 2023. She formerly worked as a financial statement auditor for seven years in Mumbai before deciding to come to Stern. She has lived in three countries, loves traveling and writing, is a trained classical dancer and a self-confessed sci-fi/fantasy nerd. When she isn’t at school, she can be found in the closest library or one of the theatres on Broadway.

MBA1 Managing Editor: Niraj Dsouza

Niraj is a Full-Time MBA student from the class of 2024, looking to specialize in Strategy and Finance. He worked for around 7 years in Tech, primarily in FinTech before joining Stern. Having lived in 3 countries and over 6 cities, he wanted to experience living in the greatest city in the world – which is why he currently stays in Jersey City. He is an avid conversationalist (with himself!), loves dad jokes, and enjoys watching memes anonymously on Instagram. 

MBA1 Managing Editor: Aindrilla (Andy) Mukherjee

Andy is an MBA 1 from India, specializing in Finance and Sustainability – is what her LinkedIn bio would read. In reality, when she is not staring at Excel models, she can be found reading a book from her TBR list (while adding 10 more to it), clicking photos of anything and everything (can click your LinkedIn DPs in exchange for an iced coffee) and spamming everyone with memes or cat gifs (often both).


VP of Finance : Andrew Mei

Andrew is a Langone student specializing in Finance and Strategy. He also completed his undergraduate at NYU and returned for an MBA because of his unwavering Violet pride. Currently he works as a geopolitical risk consultant at Global Strategic Associates. When not on the hamster wheel of work and school, Andrew enjoys running and biking loops of Central Park while listening to aggressive rap music.

VP of Technology: Varna Suresh

Varna is a full-time student specializing in Strategy and Global Business. She grew up in the South of India and worked in Texas, before moving to NYC for school. She loves to code and closely follows the technology world. She is an avid reader and enjoys reviewing her latest reads on her blog. In her free time she travels, explores the city and doom-scrolls on Twitter.

AVP of Technology: Iris Carreras

Iris Carreras joins The Oppy board as a contributing writer and AVP of Technology.

She’s part of the Langone program at Stern specializing in strategy and finance. By day she’s an investigative journalist at CBS News (Paramount) where she produces long-form documentaries and breaking news specials. She has produced numerous episodes for the news magazine show “48 Hours” and spinoff series like “NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget” and “FBI: Declassified” – In 2021 she won an Emmy award for the documentary “Bravery and Hope: 7 Days on the Front Line” a special report about the devastating reality of COVID-19 inside a NYC hospital at the peak of the pandemic in May 2020.

VP of Relations: Giovanna Pipin

Giovanna is a Langone student specializing in Strategy and Technology. She is originally from Brazil and moved to the US to pursue her studies in Engineering. She has a Master’s in Civil Engineering from NYU and performed research on bio-inspired design. Giovanna is a proud dog mom. In her free time, she loves to host friends for dinners, read about anything from Royal family gossip to inclusive product design and watch the latest true crime show.

VP of Marketing : Kit Miller

Kit is a Langone student planning to specialize in entertainment, media & technology and economics. For fun, she likes to enthuse over excellent television writing, play a few instruments, and spend time outdoors. She went to NYU for undergrad and currently works at NYU Stern in the Undergraduate College as an assistant director of communications, where she manages digital content strategy. She is actually in NYU purgatory and can’t get out.

AVP of Marketing : Sreekavitha Parupalli

Sreekavitha is from Hyderabad, India, with an academic background in Computer Science Engineering. Prior to Stern, she worked at Sprinklr as a Senior Product Engineer. She is an entrepreneur at heart, and to nurture this, started two businesses – Starlit Cinemas, a drive-in cinema experience, and Charlie, a luxury dessert brand. She enjoys learning new things and exploring avenues that push me out of her comfort zone. “Living in New York City has been a dream in manifestation for many years and I spend every moment with a conscious feeling of gratitude and joy.” 


To publish an article, publicize an event, place an ad or share any feedback, contact the Stern Opportunity Editorial Board (

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