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2022 Fall Ball Recap3 min read

“Fall Ball was one of the swankiest parties I’ve ever attended. Between the ambiance, drinks, photo booths, and music, it was hard to not have a great time. The venue was packed, which sometimes made it hard to find friends, but even if it took a while to find who I was looking for, I ran into so many interesting conversations and groups along the way. Can’t wait for spring fling!” – Dani Elwell 

Getting that yellowtail at TAO! Last Saturday SGOV and LSG hosted Fall Ball: Dress to the nines at TAO Downtown. 

This was a momentous event. Finally after this long pandemic, we are back to co-hosting events! This was the largest event we have hosted at Stern for the past few years at 930 people. 

The day of fall ball I woke up anxious, with 300+ pounds of candy stacked in my apartment. Soon a text from Sara came in letting me know she was on the way to help with the candy and my nerves began to melt away. We were in execution mode. 

By noon we were off carting candy, backdrops, and step-and-repeats to the venue. Everyone worked tirelessly, giving up their afternoon (and prep time) to make everything perfect for the event. By 6:30 we were lining up at the door ready to check people in. 

By 7 PM, both lines wrapped around the venue entrance. We rushed to check IDs, scan codes, and put on wristbands. By 8 PM, we realized we were running low on wristbands and our hero Eddy Joo sprinted 6 blocks to Party City to get us more. It was a crazy rush.

The event went off seamlessly. Despite me running around or begging people to join the raffle, people seemed to have a lot of fun! This was definitely an event to remember, and people looked FANTASTIC: snazzy and gorgeous. 

A humongous thank you to the amazing LSG and SGOV Teams who helped plan the event and run the event day of: 

  • The MVP and partner in crime Sara Klein
  • Sponsorship extraordinary Alex Joyce
  • Our driver and mover Ed Suriano 
  • The name mastermind Derek Chin
  • The contract master Mike Park 
  • The check in guru Joline Huntemann
  • The speed runner Eddy Joo
  • Decorator and photobooth backdrop extraordinaire Cat Cummings

And our day of/planning volunteers: Christopher Cognetta (VP), Rachel Prior-Roizon (VP), Adam Smyles, Saskia van Rheenen, Nadia Weeks, Penny Burgess (VP), Brittany Boben (VP), Nashiya Moosa (AVP), Megan Meza (AVP), Sejal Mali (AVP), Reggie Greathouse (Focused MBA), Allison Kuhn, Abel Flint, Hayley Schwartz, Emma Miller, Lily Zakirova, Abhinav Veluri , Amanda Villareal, Ceci Corzo-Araoz, Amy Brunner, Angela Wo, Jon Chen, Gabby Meza, Brianna Zafian , Jackie McCarthy, Katie Collins, Kitty Chu, Esther Kim

 “Fall ball was a great event that gave me the chance to connect with Sternies across programs. Thank you to the team who planned the event!”

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