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Why does the Langone Student Government (LSG) matter?3 min read

It has been ~800 days since the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the Langone MBA experience for thousands of students. Throughout that time and despite tight restrictions on extracurricular activities, previous boards did a tremendous job rolling up their sleeves and coming up with creative ways to keep our Langone Student Government (LSG) operational. 

We view this upcoming year as an important opportunity to restore the traditions of the Langone community so we’ve began our presidency by asking ourselves how much students even know about LSG.

All-in. That is Langone Student Government’s motto this year. A huge part of our challenge this year is to raise awareness about the value LSG adds to the Langone student experience. To do this, we have built a team up for the challenge.

Do Langone MBAs:

  • know that Langone has its own Student Government?
  • follow LSG on Instagram
  • know LSG hosts park cleanups where free food and drinks are provided following the event?
  • know LSG can launch skill based bootcamps with professors (i.e.Excel or Business Law)?
  • know how their classmates overcame adversity to get to Stern?
  • feel a sense of inclusivity & belonging at every event hosted by LSG?

Have Langone MBAs:

  • experienced a marquee social event with 400+ classmates (and plus ones)?
  • participated in events with Alumni (especially those in their dream industry)?
  • provided meaningful feedback to LSG?

Many of you will answer ‘No’ to most of these questions.

By April 2023, we aspire to change your answers to “Yes.” Over the term of our presidency, increasing awareness of LSG, especially the lesser known ways we build community, is our top priority. We know that this goal, coupled with an increased scale and output of academic, career, alumni, social, and philanthropic events, is part of setting a high bar. We feel especially confident that the new board can and will achieve these goals and we’re so excited to get started! 

P.S. – Have you heard where we’re hosting the Fall Gala (in collaboration with Full-Timers) this year?! 

About the Co-Presidents

Derek is excited to return to the LSG board as Co-President after serving as the VP of First Years. Derek moved to NYC from his hometown of Morristown, NJ to start the Langone program in Spring of 2020. Prior to NYU, he studied Finance and Real Estate at Villanova University, where he developed a passion for the Real Estate industry. Derek enjoys spending most of his free time outside either hiking, snowboarding, golfing, or trying a new restaurant. When not outside, you can find Derek at the gym or making baked goods for his friends and family!

Ed is a 2nd Year MBA Candidate that started the Langone program in Spring 2021. Prior to this role he served as the VP of Philanthropy for LSG. Ed is specializing in Accounting, Banking and Corporate Finance. Currently, Ed is a Fund Operations Manager for the $110-billion AUA Private Equity Fund Admin segment of AlterDomus. Ed attended undergrad at SUNY Brockport and his hometown is Eastchester, NY. He enjoys cooking, volunteering, painting, reading History books, CrossFit, spending time with his family and traveling to visit his grandmother. He is honored to serve Langone and aims to make this a special year for the entire Stern community.

We started our term as Presidents by asking our 45 Board members to commit to over-communicating, sacrificing free time and maximizing collaboration with fellow MBAs, Clubs and SGOV in order to achieve this vision. 

Since then our Verticals have been hard at work to increase the value that LSG delivers to each of you. 

  • Our former Diversity & Inclusion Vertical rebranded as Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, & Equity and is reimaging 
  • Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Shawn Srolovitz posed the question:
    • Would Langone MBAs benefit from attending Electives Panel to hear which classes fellow classmates have enjoyed most?
  • Vice-President of Collaboration, Lily Zakirova posed the question:
    • Would Langone MBAs benefit from wearing their Stern nametag to social events?
    • Do they even still have their Stern nametags anymore? (*cough* Derek lost his)
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