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Meet the New SGov Co-Presidents – Meet CoJo3 min read

The photo you see above was part of a poster that Joline’s roommates designed for us as part of our election campaign.  It never launched in the end, so we thought it would be fun to share it in this edition. 

The title was supposed to be “EQing Away – Our superpowers are listening, bringing people together, and driving change.”

Obviously, our intention was to make the whole campaign fun while expressing our key ideas, messages, and values. Both of us were very involved with creating bonding opportunities for and with our classmates from the start. From the Hamptons trip to Monarch to virtual happy hours to paintball, we had so much fun bringing people together!

This is how we discovered how much we love our class and how much we value our classmate’s drive, engagement and perspectives. We can learn so much from each other and experience so much together. This is such a big part of the Stern experience in our opinion.

It may sound cheesy, but our vision is that 10-15 years from now the classmates we went to school with would still be connected, reminiscing about the experience we had and how far we’ve come in our lives.

This is why we are putting our effort into building a foundation of initiatives and traditions, and a collaborative culture. Since we took on these roles, we are very happy to see how things have started off, especially with being accompanied by an amazing SGov board as well as club leaders that are ready to walk the walk with us.

Having said that, the three focus areas to accomplish this vision include:

  • Cultivating Our Community 
  • Celebrating Our Diversity 
  • Building Our Legacy 

In order to Cultivate Our Community, we’re excited to provide a variety of small, intimate gatherings and large events to help everyone with building relationships – ranging from tea gatherings and group dinners to big formal balls and fun happy hours. A key piece of this part is that we are aiming to make events more equitable and accessible as well as offering more non-drinking events overall.

To Celebrate Our Diversity, we will provide opportunities, education and resources to learn about and elevate each other’s cultures and identities. We hope you still remember our amazing Passport Day representing 35+ countries and starring 5 performances (we broke all the records and pulled it off in half the planning time!) or the diverse programming our Diversity Committee pulled off in collaboration with many clubs for Solidarity Week. 

Lastly to Build Our Legacy, we just formed a new Wellness team that will provide mental health, physical health and nutrition-related programming as well as activities to support the class during the busy year. And we’re also looking forward to showing our NYU pride at more sports events, for instance the MBAT next year, a fun MBA Tournament in Paris!

Finally,we are just extremely grateful to ​​have been nominated as Co-Presidents of the class of 2023 and happy to see how many of our classmates are taking action every day to support and enable us to create change and make a difference.

We promise that our door is always open and want to encourage you to reach out to us any time with any ideas, concerns and/ or constructive feedback.

We will listen and amplify your voices at all times. 
Yours Sincerely,

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