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Can’t Rain on our Yacht Night4 min read

Saturday was the LSG hosted “Yacht Night” on the Cornucopia Majesty Charter Yacht. The event was ironically called “Sail into Summer” on a freezing, miserably wet day. I also had the good fortune of working on Saturday. As I ran out of the hospital to grab a cup of coffee earlier that day, and was nearly simultaneously blown away and drowned by the weather, I wondered how this cruise would go. I sent a lot of Perfect Storm gifs to my Langone buddies to mentally prepare for the night.

Fortunately for all of us, the weather had vastly improved by that evening. It was only lightly drizzling, and it barely felt cold for being 40-something degrees. But more importantly, the massive boat was mostly indoors. The size of the ship was egregious. It looked like an apartment building floating on the Hudson. It was three stories high with a rooftop (that we didn’t get to use). Each floor had a bar, a dance floor, and fine dining tables. The middle was open, which I appreciated, because it meant I could efficiently scope out the scene without having to run up and down stairs unnecessarily. Not that I had to, because there was a glass ELEVATOR. I felt like I was on the Titanic…before it hit the iceberg.

There were thankfully no icebergs to sink us on the Hudson though. We took off from Pier 40 and cruised around the city for three hours. The capacity for the boat was 1100 people, so with about 500 people in attendance, it felt like there was plenty of space. That is, until the end of the night, when we all had to be on the same dance floor, packed like sardines. Thank God for the daily screener, am I right? The food was great, and the open bar served shots! (Shout out to my man, Aakoo, for somehow always finding me for shots. My head wasn’t appreciative the next morning though.) There were two photo booths; one which was an Instagrammer’s dream and the other where I got my new LinkedIn headshots. (Please see below.)

The night went off seamlessly. I must say it was probably one of the most fun events of the year…and the FASHION. Everyone looked glorious. The women were dressed to the nines, and all the men looked so attractive in their suits (as I said, I was very much scoping out the scene). I was just thankful that I had emerged from a 12-hour shift without any blood or urine (that I was aware of) on my jumpsuit.

The after party was at Houston Hall, where we definitely confused hundreds of people as to why we were so dressed up at midnight. I got a lot of satisfaction out of telling people, “No, it is not a wedding. We just came from our MBA Yacht Night.” Yes, it sounded ridiculous, and I was all for it. Massive thanks to LSG, especially co-presidents: Derek Chin and Ed Suriano and the Student Affairs verticals: Michael Park, Sara Klein, Abel Flint, Allison Kuhn, Cat Cummings, Disha Singh, Emma Miller, Hayley Schwartz, and Nikhita Pai. I truly apologize if I missed anyone. The night was an incredible way to celebrate an end to the semester!

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