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B-School Newspaper Coalition: December Roundup2 min read

Last semester, The Oppy wanted to reach out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After countless emails and Zoom meetings, we have discovered that out of the top 20 MBA programs in the U.S., there are only three schools with still-active graduate business newspapers: HBS, Booth, and of course, yours truly, Stern. The three editors-in-chief from these newspapers decided to form a coalition and have been having monthly meetings to share ideas and content. The Oppy is going to share with you some of the best articles from their monthly issues.

For November, we have ChiBus, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Some of their more interesting reads:

Love Actually at Booth

We all love a good MBA love story. Here is a heartwarming story of two Boothies who met during orientation, saw a relationship grow despite COVID, and got hitched in a pandemic-era wedding.

Digital Minimalism

Grandma was right when she said, “everything in moderation.” In an age where we are inundated with technology and always staying connected, this article gives a new perspective on a philosophy of technology use in which “you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.” I wonder where Instagram fits in.

We also talked to Harvard Business School’s newspaper, The Harbus.

In their last issue, their more prominent articles were:

Navigating Your Career After Harvard Business School

Ziana Kotadia (MBA ’22) asks Professor Trevor Fetter (MBA ’86) for post MBA career advice. An interesting initial recommendation is starting your search by deciding between the “Primary Colors,” which are the three common career paths: investor, advisor, and operator. It’s a pretty big decision to make but does narrow down the search.

A Safe Room In Seconds

For HBS US Army Veteran Jake Ahle (MBA ’22), the mission to protect never ends. He is fundamental in the development of ProtectEd, a startup that protects schools from gun violence. The technology “redesigns the standard classroom bookcase to have hidden but comprehensive, multi-layer security features that can turn any room into a safe room in just seconds.” Fascinating concept but sady indicative of the times we live in.

What’s Your FairShare of Housework?

Part of a series of articles on female founders, Ziana Kotadia (MBA ’22) asks Rachel Drapper (MBA ’22) and Asena Uyguner (MBA ’22) about their startup Fairshare. The app aims to help couples make goals on housework, measure progress, and hold themselves accountable.

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