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B-School Newspaper Coalition: November Roundup2 min read

Last semester, The Oppy reached out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After meeting with several editors-in-chief from MBA programs, we decided to form a coalition with a small but growing group of top graduate business schools. We are going to share some of their best articles from their monthly issues.

For November, we have ChiBus, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Some of their more interesting reads:

Friendship in Business School: A Diversification Approach

Should you apply modern portfolio theory to your business school friendships? Does diversifying friend groups decrease risk and increase long-term returns? If so, I’ve coincidentally been crushing b-school.

GM Awonder Liang Checkmates Booth

Most of us have seen (and possibly became obsessed with) The Queen’s Gambit. But have you ever heard of a real-life chess prodigy…who goes to business school? Apparently, a person does exist, and he goes to Booth! For fun, he played against 15 Booth students simultaneously last month. And what are you doing with your life? Don’t worry, I asked myself the same thing after reading this. 

We also talked to Harvard Business School’s newspaper, The Harbus

In their last issue, their more prominent articles were…

Helping Women in Mexico to Live Fulfilled and Healthy Lives 

HBS student, Ziana Kotadia started a company in Mexico called Plena, a platform where women can anonymously ask questions about sexual health, and have a professional gynecologist respond. As a healthcare professional, I cannot speak more highly of this concept. Sexual health is often minimized and forgotten. I will endorse any platform that connects women with the health resources they need.

Financial Empowerment or Dangerous Gamble?” 

The article goes into detail about some of the benefits and perils of El Salvador tendering Bitcoin as a legal currency.

I know. I know. There is no B-School Newspaper Coalition version of “Stern Singles” yet. But I can assure you that we are working on it. Until next month, get reading.

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