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Subject: 10 Reasons Not to Miss Prom and FAQs (aka why is it so expensive?)4 min read

By Qurat Khan

1. Make sure your LinkedIn DMs are answered in 5 years: let’s form authentic, fun memories together. As an MBA2 without any in-person events, I’m hoping to make the most of prom! You will look back in 5 years and remember the fun, get an actual response on LinkedIn and don’t just reflect back on THAT series of awkward Zoom coffee chats. 

2. Potential celebrity encounters (we saw George and Amal Clooney there)

3. Prizes *cough, cough, SoulCycle, cough* (non-covid coughs)

4. Tapas Style Dinner and Drinks:

Hors d’oeuvre / Dinner Menu:

1. Grilled NY Strip

2. Truffle French Fries (vegetarian)

3. Mini Burger

4. Mini Crab Cake

5. Crispy Polenta (vegetarian)

6. Pan Seared Gnocchi (vegetarian)

7. Lamb Meatball Taco

8. Gemma Pizza at 10pm-ish (vegetarian)

5. Vote on prom royalty, help crown them and make them slow dance here. Feel free to vote for Stern couples or non-couples! YOLO prom royalty could simply be BFFLs? Or even enemies? YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Front runners currently include: Qurat Khan/John Benson (couple), Prachi Patke/Paul Rothenberger (couple), Shruti Nanda and Brittany Bui

6. Show off your glow up, by submitting your high school picture here

7. Hang with all your best Stern friends at the Bowery Hotel on Thursday, October 21st at 8pm start in fancy clothing! Reuse that dress you bought for that cancelled covid-era wedding or wear whatever makes you feel at your best!

8. Get cute photos with your friends at the photobooth corner

9. Feel young again and relive prom night (or experience prom for the first time!)

10. Impress your friends with killer dance moves


  • What’s the price again and what does it include?
    • $126 for all full-time MBAs, which includes drinks and 7 different dinner style tapas. There will be some beats, prizes, and a photo booth area!
  • Why is prom so expensive?
    • As a student funding her education and life purely through loans currently, I totally hear that the price is high. I am taking the lens that the $126 I paid is similar to a night out to a nice dinner and drinks, with tax and tip!
    • All the organizers had to buy their own ticket (aka I paid my way already!), as it is funding the space rental, drinks, and 7 different food options (vegetarian options too!).
    • In the past, prom has been more expensive. However, this year we were not able to find a place with outdoor dining for our class size so we opted for a tapas style dinner.
    • Stern did not provide any subsidies and has not for past Fall Ball events, historically (even though that hurts my wallet!)
  • Would you go if you were an MBA1 recruiting?
    • Yes, I actually ended up in the hospital for 4 days from stress during consulting recruiting because I didn’t give myself enough breaks. I’m healthy, happy and have a full-time offer now. Looking back, I wish I had given myself more outlets for fun and to take my mind off of recruiting.
  • Why are there so MANY rules?
    • NYU’s policy is that any event is capped at 500
    • Any event with food and drink must be outdoors (and it’s getting chilly soon!)
    • Venues take up an average of 6 weeks to be approved by NYU and only stay approved for 3 weeks — in the interest of weather — we went with the only venue with availability (we had to fight with covid era brides, y’all!)
  • What even is the Bowery Hotel?
    • The hotel is an iconic venue that hosts a variety of celebrities, including Drew Barrymore’s daughter’s birthday next week! We have heard from some EMSA members that they have dropped celebs there like Ashton Kutcher, so it’s a vibe!
  • Why are Langone Students not included?
    • We are nice people, us full-time folk! To reduce crowding at events, Stern has told us that LSG would need to organize their own event, which is in the making and will be announced soon!
  • Who are these prom royalty front runners anyway?
    • Qurat Khan: a beautiful MBA2 that worked in tech and consulting this past summer. She’s loyal, tall, fluffy and her spirit animal is a bernedoodle.
    • John Benson: an Army veteran and MBA2 that has transitioned into consulting and fell in love with the beautiful Qurat (very understandable). His spirit animal is a golden retriever.
    • Prachi Patke: an MBA2 that crushed banking recruiting this past summer in San Francisco. She’s the president of SABAS, involved in GFA, and a very talented singer/Follie! Her favorite food is a bowl of Indian-style lentils.
    • Paul Rothenberger: a native northeastern MBA2 and military veteran that loves EDM. You can find him rooting on the Patriots, attending concerts around the city or courting Prachi in the East Village.
    • Shruti Nanda: a smart, friendly cookie and SWIB co-president promoting allyship and student engagement on the regular. She spent her summer at McKinsey and rumor has it that she makes a mean Bundt cake, ya’ll.
    • Brittany Bui: she’s the fearless leader of student government, along with Bucky, hailing from sunny California. She spent her summer swimming in Oreos… I mean at Mondelez. Her love language is plants.

Buy your ticket here!

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