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Oppy Royalty1 min read

We are proud to feature our very own Stacy Chen and Nate Hoey, as The Oppy’s Prom Queen and King. Keep your eyes peeled for these cuties on Thursday.

Up first is our VP of Relations, Stacy Chen.

Stacy is an MBA2 student and has had an extensive career working in media at ABC and NBC before coming to Stern. However, we would argue that her work at The Oppy has been the most formative for her, professionally and personally. Right, Stace? Joking aside, Stacy is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she create the B-School Newspaper Coalition with the most prestigious MBA programs in the U.S., but she is constantly thinking of and having important conversations to make The Oppy as inclusive as possible. She connects us with different clubs at Stern and people in the community to make sure we represent as many voices as possible. She is kind, she is accepting, and she has an appetite to make this world a better place. But also, she is a hell of a lot of fun.

 Next, we have our MBA2 Managing Editor, Nate Hoey.

Nate is also an MBA2 student, who casually has a background in physics and engineering. I mean, don’t we all? He pivoted into finance at Stern (same, Nate, same) and will be working at Amazon when he graduates in the Finance Leadership Development Program. Poor Nate did not know what was in store for himself when he tepidly attended an Oppy kickoff session. However, we know talent. So, we snatched him faster than you can snatch that first drink at Beer Blast. Sorry Nate, you’re stuck with us.

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