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Stern Singles Presents: Sarah Gilson6 min read

The weather is turning crisp, but this batch of Stern Singles is hot, hot, HOT. Our first bachelorette of the academic season is MBA2, Sarah Gilson! Sarah is a ride or die friend, someone you can call in the middle of the night if you find yourself stranded or in trouble. Sarah prefers savory to sweet, and believes that champagne is acceptable at any time of the day. Her wardrobe is almost all black, no matter the season.

Sternie Testimonials:

“Even after a full remote year, Sarah was an enthusiastic orientation leader for MBA1s showcasing that she has a warm and sweet soul that loves to connect with people.”

We need more sweet and helpful people in this world!

“After getting to know Sarah from MBA events, trips, and our long week of being OLs together, she has an incredible energy about her that just makes you smile!”

Give me ALL the positive vibes after this insane year and a half.

Hi Sarah! What a pleasure to meet you! Please state your full name, nicknames, and what you want to be when you “grow up.”

My name is Sarah Gilson; most people call me SG or Gilson. My dream job is Commissioner of Major League Baseball, so Manfred better watch out.

Manfred, it’s time to go. What brought you to Stern?

The classes offered that align with my personal and professional passions. I mean, I get class credits for going to Las Vegas and studying how the city operates. 

Ok, we need to talk more about Ops in Vegas off the record. That was my favorite class at Stern! Anyway, back to it. What are you most excited about after making the move to NYC?

Having an apartment with laundry in-unit and the amount of bagel shops per square mile.

In-unit washer/dryer…I thought that was an urban myth! Did anything worry you about starting grad school?

Finance and math classes. 

Amen, sister. Life hack: find the finance bros and gals and befriend them immediately. What’s been your favorite part about the program?

I like how small the class is. I really appreciate being able to recognize almost everyone in my class; it makes it feel like a community within a large city.

It’s always nice recognizing a friendly face on Zoom. That’s if you opt for the camera on. What’s been the best surprise about the Corona Business School experience? 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how I’ve been able to make connections with classmates despite being remote in California for my entire first year. 

What do you think makes you who you are?

My love of sports, whiskey, golden retrievers, Harry Potter and emo music.

What a varied list! We love diversity at Stern. What excites you? 

Cross-genre song collaborations – “Over and Over” by Nelly & Tim McGraw and “Numb (Encore)” by Jay-Z & Linkin Park are both bops and I will not listen to anyone that says otherwise.

‘Cause it’s all in my head…I wish I remembered more of the words. What scares you?

Having one of my AirPods fall out when I’m commuting.

I hear you. I would strongly consider jumping into a train track to retrieve one if I had to. ***Disclaimer: don’t do that. That is a dumb idea by yours truly.*** Favorite musician or band?

Panic! At The Disco – they have put out a couple of incredible albums over the past few years. Fun fact, I saw them for the first time in like 2005.

Favorite song to dance to? 

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.

I am loving your taste in music! Favorite karaoke song?

Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly. Big fan of the song, definitely NOT a fan of R. Kelly.

That was a very important clarification. Favorite podcast? 

My Favorite Murder. 

Favorite book?

Sherlock Holmes.

Do you cook?

I make a mean veggie stir fry and I’m a pro at pouring a good drink. I’m a whiskey fan.

We’ve noticed.

I drink whiskey because I like it, not because I want to look badass. 

You can’t help looking like a badass because you are.

My go-to drink is generally a whiskey neat (and has been for almost a decade) because I genuinely enjoy it. Next question.

Okay, okay. I’ll move on. Any fun quarantine stories?

Dyed my hair temporarily pink and watched every episode of the original Law & Order.

That sounds like a Saturday night to me. How do you spend your days?

Watching crime procedural marathons, reading Buzzfeed listicles, updating my fantasy roster, waiting until an acceptable time to start drinking, and brainstorming how to find Pitbull in Miami.

You are the QUEEN of the assorted lists! Favorite date spot? 

Baseball game or a dive bar to watch sports. 

Describe your ideal first date?

Live sporting event. If you can’t handle me when I’m in sports fan mode, there won’t be another date.

Frank! We love it. What do you want out of a relationship?

Someone to go to all-inclusive resorts with. 

We are fans of the unlimited options at The Oppy. What are you looking for in a partner?

Someone who makes an effort to get to know my family and friends. Someone who loves going out and staying in.

Now for the tough question. Do you have any deal breakers in a partner? 

Someone who wants to text constantly – I am a terrible texter, just throwing that out there. Someone who doesn’t respect my political views or belief system.

Who has time for either of those qualities? What do you find most challenging about dating?

Remembering to text the person I’m dating and letting them know what I’m up to. Again, bad texter.

Thank goodness this interview isn’t over text. Is there anything you would like to tell your potential suitors?

I’m vegan – vegetarian for 20 years, vegan for about 7 because I developed food allergies. No, I don’t do Crossfit. Yes, I can eat bread (no gluten allergy). No, I don’t care if your entire diet is red meat.

YAY for bread! Anything I haven’t asked you but I should?

My parents had their wedding announcement published in the New York Times Style section, so I have a lot to live up to.

Okay, you (and your parents) are so cool! Thank you for talking to us Sarah! 

If you want to get to know Sarah better, find her on Teams or Gmail! 

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at

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