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Stern Singles Presents: Brian Fitzpatrick6 min read

Sternies, it is fall again, meaning STERN SINGLES is back. Did you miss us this summer? We hope you had a summer of Covid-safe love and fun. Kicking it off this school year is a 2nd year Langone student, Brian Fitzpatrick. I’ve known Brian since last fall, and when he approached me to be the first Stern Bachelor of 2021-2022, who was I to say no? If you like passeggiatas at sunset and cannolis, keep on reading.

Sternie Testimonials:

“When you first meet Brian, the friendship is instant. It’s obvious from the start that he is an all around great guy – fun, smart, considerate, and always down for any social event. On a more serious note, if you’re concerned about your future children having great hair, have no fear. When Brian first started at Stern, he had 6 inches of flow that he only cut once he realized there was probably a reason why he was still single.”

“From throwing parties on his roof to making everyone laugh, Brian is the guy to bring people together to make amazing memories. He’s both smart and charming, always ready to try new foods, travel to new places, and most importantly, will ALWAYS shut down whatever bar/club he’s at!” 

“You can always count on Brian to keep you laughing and doing fun things. Hobbies include exploring NYC, eating nice meals at fancy restaurants, and visiting Florida.”

Picture this: You cannoli imagine what a pair you and Brian would make! 😉 

Brian showed up to his Stern Singles interview with prepared answers from former Stern Singles articles. Give me some credit, I try to at least personalize these!

Adjectives abound with this man, through gathering intel from fellow peers. “A yes man, great guy, funny, super nice, well-rounded…” should I stop writing now? See above testimonials for more.

Okay Brian. You’re already a cool guy just by being bold enough to kick off 2021-2022 as our September Stern Single. Who is Brian Fitzpatrick in a nutshell? 

I grew up along the Jersey Shore and went to an all-boys high school, if you can believe it. I went to Fordham University up in the Bronx and have been in NYC ever since. I now work in investor relations at a large financial services company. I love spending time at the ocean, working out, traveling, and meeting new people – which is why it’s great that I live in SoHo within walking distance to NYU and have gotten to meet so many folks this past year.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled?

My favorite city outside of New York is probably Sydney, Australia. Funny (well, maybe not so funny) story, I was actually kicking off a two-week trip in Australia and New Zealand when Covid hit. New Zealand wouldn’t let us enter from Australia, of course, so we were worried we wouldn’t be able to make it back to the US – but we did in time, thankfully. Sydney’s the perfect combination of a big city and fantastic beaches. I can’t wait to go back. 

Where are you in this photo (below)?

It was on a recent trip to Iceland. You can see my new beginner camera in it – during the pandemic I picked up a few hobbies, like surfing and photography. 

How are those going?

Working on it, but would love it if someone who knows about them could teach me some more! Or we could learn together. I bought a surfboard last year.

Surfers, photographers, aspiring surfers & photographers, you heard the man.

You seem like a pretty adventurous and active person. Are you a sports fan?

I love the Giants and the Yankees, but I would rather go on a passeggiata on Sundays than sit inside and watch sports. I don’t watch much TV. 

What…is a passeggiata?! 

It’s an Italian word for a long, leisurely walk. Sundays it’s tradition for my friends and me to just go stroll and explore a new area of the city for hours. Try new restaurants, get fresh air, people-watch, that kind of thing. 

This is a very exciting word I just learned. Are you Italian?

25%. The rest is Irish, if Fitzpatrick didn’t give it away.

Is Italian food your favorite cuisine, then?

Yes, it is by far the food I eat the most, but I love trying new restaurants and always looking for new recommendations! 

Any takers? 

After this article, I hope so! 

What would be your last meal before you die?

Seafood pasta. I love seafood, I love pasta. It only makes sense.

So you want someone who appreciates passeggiatas, food, and adventure. What else are you looking for in a partner? 

I’m a pretty easygoing and optimistic guy, so ideally I’d like someone who has good energy, sees the bright side in things over the negatives, and is willing to be my partner in crime. I also would want someone to be a bit different from me for a good balance, to challenge me to be the best version of myself, and I’d hope to do that for them as well. Maybe we could have a dog one day. Extra points for country music appreciation.

Say more about country music.

I have a 48-hour long country music playlist on Spotify, which may be surprising for a guy from Jersey. But I listen to all kinds of music and love going to concerts.

How are you liking Stern? 

One of the reasons I came to NYU was to network and so far it’s been awesome and the people have been great. I can’t wait to meet more people as things go back to normal this year and just see where it all goes. I think I’ve grown a lot through the uncertainty of the pandemic and realized it’s important to see the silver lining in everything and stay positive.

Where do you think you’ll be in 30 years?

Ideally, I’d be able to split my time between NYC and somewhere warmer…maybe in Florida or Australia.

Any last words? 

I take my life seriously, but not myself too seriously.

You can find Brian on Instagram or go old-school and email him at [email protected]. Please include your ideal passeggiata location. 

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