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Stern Singles Presents: JP Panier7 min read

The semester is cooling off and class is winding down… but Stern Singles is hotter than ever with May’s most eligible bachelor, JP Panier.

Jean-Phillipe is a new addition to the fold, forged in the fire of the quarantine business school experience. JP is also a part of the Executive MBA program, so he’s fancy. I can’t hold a candle to his own intro:

My name is JP Panier and I’m on a mission from God (insert Blues Brothers reference). I’m a huge lover of all things outdoors – running, biking, hiking, swimming, etc – and I’m looking to accelerate the transition to renewable everything. Specifically, I’m looking to move into renewable energy finance to install more renewable energy capacity. I want to move us away from fossil fuels and hopefully leave the Earth to our children in a better state than we found it.

Where did you grow up?

We moved around a good amount growing up, from the US to Belgium to Ireland and back to the US. I think the urge to travel, to try new things, and to meet new people comes from growing up across continents. I’m definitely not one to sit still!

What brought you to Stern?

My undergrad computer engineering degree brought me to business school. It took me 6 months post-graduation to realize computer science and engineering wasn’t for me. Since then I’ve always wanted the business education I received on the job to become “official.” What brought me to Stern specifically was the diversity of students, of thought, and the ability to learn from some of the best and the brightest. The rankings didn’t hurt either!

One of the lovely things I’ve learned from my MBA recruiting experience is that there are a lot of former engineers out there who value this exact realization and reaction. It’s nice to realize you’re not alone.

What’s keeping you here?

Well, I’ve already paid this year’s tuition! What’s keeping me here is the same thing that brought me here. Getting to meet and work with students not only from all over the world, but from seemingly every industry and work function. It truly has been an amazing experience this far and I’m only halfway in.

Did anything worry you about starting grad school?

Definitely. Doing the Executive program, it’s definitely been a few more years since undergrad than your average MBA. I was worried about getting back into “doing homework and taking tests” mode. I think I have it mostly under control now. *Cue avalanche of work*

Don’t let the work goblins hear you. 

What’s been the best surprise about the Corona Business School experience?

The best surprise about the Corona Business School experience has been how willing students have been to engage and how creative we’ve become in planning events. Our cohort started 6 months into the pandemic, so I’ve been surprised by all the events I never would have been able to attend normally and the events we never could have planned in non-COVID times. I’ve seen amazing speakers and organized cross-school networking sessions that have only been possible because event invitations turned into

What excites you?

This is going to be a cliché answer, but adventure. Whether it be traveling, trying new foods, new activities, whatever. Excitement is definitely in trying new things.

Favorite musician or band?

This is going to make me sound older than my dad, but my all time, won’t turn it off when it comes on, play it around the house doing chores, in the headphones when skiing, road tripping, everything-band is The Eagles. But my music tastes are all over the place. I’ve been to Bonnaroo, EDM shows, country festivals, you name it. Love a good concert!

I also love the Eagles, and any readers who don’t appreciate can get out of my peaceful cab. I think we can all agree, the world is in need of more live shows, and preferably romance at live shows. Favorite book?

Favorite book is a tough one because I could give you 10 different answers depending on the day. The one book that comes to mind though is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Not high on everyone’s list, but it’s the one book that stands out in the last 5 years that kept me up late at night because I couldn’t not know what happened next.

Makes sense the adventurer wants a world bender book. Similar recommendations include: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg.

What are you going to do with your free time this summer?

What is this free time you speak of? Between work and school, it seems like a long lost concept I used to know many years ago. With things starting to reopen this summer, I’ll most likely try to sneak in some trips to the beach and see some friends that I’ve been long overdue seeing. I’ve been working on my travel list for over a year now, so let’s hope we can cross some of those off as well. Maybe a beer or two along the way…

I just got my first sunburn today, and I must say it feels marvelous… and crispy.

What do you want out of a relationship?

Again may sound cheesy, so please forgive me, but I’m looking for someone I can share my life with and grow with. I’m looking for someone that when something good happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it. Or if you find a new restaurant you’re interested in, you want to take them there immediately. I’m also looking for an open communicator. If something’s pissing you off, tell me. If it’s me, definitely tell me.

Bro if it doesn’t sound cheesy you did it wrong. I want next level cheese. This answer made me smile.

So what do you think you are you looking for in a partner?

I’m looking for a partner who can challenge me and isn’t afraid to tell me that I’m full of s#%t. I need someone who’s ambitious and independent, who has their own life going on separate from mine/ours. I’m looking for someone who can laugh and not take things too seriously, who is just as happy staying in, ordering dinner, and watching a movie as they are running across the airport because we’re late for our flight.

Fantastic fromage.

Do you have any deal breakers in a partner?

I mean if you tell me you’ve murdered someone we might have to dig into that a bit further. And smokers, no smokers. But otherwise, not really any deal breakers!

Hear that? If you’re not into murder or marlboros, call up your boy JP. 

What do you find most challenging about dating?

Finding people to share an actual connection with. I’ve stayed off the apps because, from the little I’ve seen, their criteria for matching you with someone is that you both like dogs. Who doesn’t like dogs! So the challenge is finding someone you really want to learn more about and keep a relationship going with.

What do you enjoy most about dating?

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their life stories. People have fascinating backgrounds and experiences and it’s great to learn more about other people. And I’ve found that dating can take you out of your comfort zone. Sure, there’s always drinks and dinner dates, but I’ve done some things on first dates I never saw myself doing otherwise.

Anything I haven’t asked you but I should?

Oh boy, where do I start. I’ve run 9 marathons with 2 more on the calendar this year. Into running, triathlon, trail running, diving, traveling, anything on the water, climbing, camping, hiking, … you name it, I’ll try anything once!

I’ll let your suitors put that to the test. JP Panier everyone! Share a peaceful easy feeling with our man and you could also partake in this romantic raclette of love. This summer will be steamy. Give him a shout, he can install your air conditioner.

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at [email protected].

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