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Follies Spotlight: Jasmine and Aladdin3 min read

Tell us about yourselves! Where are you from and what brought you to Stern?

Ketriel: I’m from New Orleans originally. A real Horatio Alger story. I overhead some MBA students partying on Bourbon that Follies was the greatest thing that they’d ever seen and from there, my life’s path was set.

Lesley: I’m from Hawaii and Texas, and I lived in Washington, D.C., before coming to Stern. I always knew I’d pursue an MBA, and I was drawn to the career opportunities in New York.

When and how did your passion for theatre/ performing arts begin?

Ketriel: Once I was told that I could horde attention, there was basically no way that I wouldn’t sign up.

Lesley: My parents say I could sing before I could talk…

Action shot of Lesley in Phantom of the Opera

What has been the most challenging part about preparing for the role?

Ketriel: As a cult member adherent to the Nouveau Shamanic acting style. There are an unspeakable number of contortions and rituals before we’re even allowed to begin filming. Speaking of which would you happen to have a spare T-Rex skull?

Lesley: Trying not to annoy my neighbors with my late-night singing.

Do you find it difficult to get into character virtually?

Ketriel: I find it difficult to get in character in person, on the subway, at parties, basically any social interaction, so the virtual experience is nothing new.

Lesley: No, I put on my gold necklace that says “Jasmine” on it, and I’m all set.

Animated Aladdin or live action?

Ketriel: Robin Williams was actual magic. Animated for life. I’m also biased because my childhood bedroom was Aladdin-themed.

Lesley: Live action

Who are you dedicating this performance to?

Ketriel: My mother who recently went viral on Twitter and even had wholesome interactions with my classmates. Smash that like button and watch for the podcast.

Lesley: Block 4

Most embarrassing moment to happen on stage or in any performance arts setting?

Ketriel: I think I trailed toilet paper on my shoe out of my bathroom as a teenager when performing in a State Chorale competition. To be clear, the toilet paper was not the embarrassing part.

If you could be in any Broadway musical which one would it be?

Ketriel: The Lion King? I’ve always wished I was taller so getting to be one of the giraffes would be the realization of a lifelong dream..

Lesley: The Lion King

Favorite Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Apple TV/ etc show to binge right now?

Ketriel: I’ve been going in on HBO Max so The Knick or Warrior which got picked up for a new season.

Most memorable moment from Follies?

Ketriel: We have a bunch of really talented people who improvised some of my favorite lines in the show.

Lesley: It’s a tie between the table read – seeing everyone and the script for the first time – and every time we had to re-record a scene because Ketriel messed up.

Any Broadway aspirations post B-school?

Ketriel: Mostly just to attend. From the cheap seats. Now that I’ve seen the egomaniac monster I become while filming, I think it’s time to retire.

Lesley: I wouldn’t say no!

Lesley as Belle

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