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April Showers Bring…STERNSOUNDS!!2 min read

SternSounds | April 21 

A monthly playlist curated by the Stern student body, gathered and groove approved by The Oppy.

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April ’21 SternSounds Playlist

April showers bring…STERNSOUNDS! We’re back at it again with yet another SternSounds playlist, packed with submissions from you all! The winter coats have officially been put away and replaced with umbrellas and Benadryl, because what is with the pollen this spring?! Better allergies than another sickness going around though. 

At 100 songs, not including the duplicates of Taylor Swift’s Fearless re-release, this playlist is yet again just as diverse as we expected. One theme is for sure: the energy is HIGHER and BRIGHTER, because we may be careening toward finals and summer. Or something. 

We open with a few smooth bass-guitar-heavy tunes, from GoldLink to Blu de Tiger, followed by sprinkles of early summer hits like Lil Nas X and JBiebs. Then things get interesting, with a shoutout to DMX (R.I.P.), some budding artists like Jeff Perschinke and Chase Schweitzer, and so.many.grooves from Gilligan Moss, Franc Moody…the list goes on. We escalate the intensity with a venture into some metal from Enslaved and Within Temptation, taking a pitstop in Norway’s 1990s Ulver, and swing into summer with the genre-fluids of Masego, Internet Money, and…well, you can just open the playlist. 

We didn’t forget the Sternie originals! Check out their submitted SoundClouds and artist profiles below: 


Thank you for your eclectic submissions, Sternies, and we’ll see you in May for a sendoff playlist into internships and summer escapades. 

If you didn’t get a chance to submit your current favorites, don’t worry! Click here to send your jams for next month’s playlist. 

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