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SternSounds – Monthly Oppy Playlist2 min read

Introducing SternSounds | March 21 

A monthly playlist curated by the Stern student body, gathered and groove approved by the Stern Oppy. 

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March ‘21 Playlist

Happy almost Spring, Sternies. Going on one whole year since coronavirus knocked the earth off its rocker, I thought about turning to one of my simplest and happiest pastimes: discovering new music. I figured that if there’s one thing many people have in common, it’s enjoying listening to music of some sort, whether it’s the backdrop to working out, cooking dinner, dancing, or to fill the endless void that was 2020. Stern’s student body is incredibly varied, from industry to aspirations, to whether one owns fake or real plants. So, I set about crowdsourcing a playlist representative of just how diverse Stern is. We got a whopping 120+ submissions this month, meaning you’ll have that long of a playlist to carry you through midterms. 

We expected a rainbow assortment of genres, but boy did y’all deliver. We have everything from the pop you-know-whos like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and The Weeknd, all the way to electro Afro-funk William Onyeabor, TikTok hits you pretend you don’t know, a handful of oldies, a little K-pop, and a sprinkling of kooky EDM and instrumentals. There is much that you’ll recognize and even more to discover.

Not only do Sternies have good taste, they have talent. Check out these SoundCloud links below and support your fellow classmates who mixed or made their own tunes! Jesse Braunstein Dye Your Hair – rebelyay Fantasy – MID9SOUND (REMIX) 

If you didn’t get a chance to submit your current favorites, don’t worry Click here to send your jams for next month’s playlist. 

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