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Stern Singles Presents: Steve Reuther8 min read

Hello Sternies, welcome back to another edition of Stern Singles. This pot of gold is March’s most eligible bachelor, Steven Reuther 

Sternie Testimonials:

I have no other way to say this.. but Steven just gives off protagonist vibes. He always feels like the main character of whatever is going on.

This may be my favorite testimonial we’ve received. 

He is the most consistent friend I have. If he commits to something (travel, Zoom hangout, etc.) or says he will call at a certain time, he does. 

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like Boyfriend material to the Oppy Staff.

Steve is in the home stretch of his MBA experience graduating in May. He works as a financial analyst for a medical device company and plans to “use his MBA to continue to advance the world of health through my career and help mentor others to achieve their own goals and passions.” You’re a gem Steven. I have the pleasure of being classmates with Steven this semester in Behavioral and Experimental Finance, so you may say I’m biased. I find myself truly captivated by this man’s dazzling eyes and personality, I must say it is a highlight of my otherwise cold, dark, zoomed-out Thursday evenings.

Steven is a passionate, punk rock loving, rocky mountain dwelling, almost-graduated Sternie, and the world needs to know more about this man.

What brought you to Stern? 

When I first started working after I graduated from Kenyon, a member on my team was completing the part-time program and really encouraged me to get an MBA to open up doors later on in my career.  Plus, pretty much everyone I am close with from Kenyon has gone on to get a graduate degree, so apparently it’s just something you do if you get a liberal arts undergrad degree…

What excited you most about coming here? 

I have always loved being in a classroom, meeting new people, and having the opportunity to do that at Stern is just such a wonderful opportunity that I am super grateful for.

Did anything worry you about starting grad school? 

I was nervous about trying to balance my time between school/work/social life. For the most part, it has been a lot more manageable than I thought, but there have definitely been times where I have been completely buried by work and school.

It’s funny seeing the walls we all put up when we get stressed or overwhelmed.

Exactly, but I do feel like Stern has always felt like a place where people are willing to be vulnerable to learn and grow, and that’s awesome. The professors have also been amazing and have created classes that are super engaging that I genuinely look forward to attending on a weekly basis.

What’s been your favorite part about the program? 

I went on the NZ DBi last January for two weeks and that experience was unbelievable.. Auckland is a cool city and the students on that trip were so fun to be around. A few of us took a weekend trip to Queenstown and that trip was also such a great time. I was also fortunate enough to work with Dolly Chugh as a Teaching Fellow and she has taught me so many lessons that I will take with me to both the workplace and to the world outside of work.

Wow, a lot to unpack there. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of, going to New Zealand or working with Professor Chugh.

What’s been the best surprise about the Corona Business School experience? 

I really appreciate not having to commute from NJ down to WSQ on weekdays to go to class. Zoom has definitely allowed me to take courses that I may not have been able to take during the week otherwise.

Do you have any fun quarantine stories? 

I moved out to Denver in July to reunite with my best friend from college as I wait to figure out if/when I need to return to the office back east. We had been trying to live together since we graduated, but the timing had never worked out (who says long distance relationships don’t work..?).

It’s a lot easier to social distance in Denver than Manhattan.  

So how do you spend your days? 

These days it’s pretty cyclical and uneventful.. virtual work isn’t the most exciting time in the world, but I am thankful to have that ability. Each day I work out (in our newly created gym garage!) and after work, if I don’t have class or homework, I will usually go for a walk and listen to a podcast or call a friend. Then I will read or watch hockey or Netflix. Rinse. Repeat...

Alright, we are definitely going to need some more Gym garage content. You seem like an active guy. Are you just outdoorsy or does it go deeper than that?

I am a huge planner and cling to routine, but I’m also very active and have a wide array of interests. I love most things that involve exercise, sports, music, nice weather, or traveling with friends. I am also a huge extrovert and just enjoy spending time with people. 

Favorite musician or band? 

Blink-182.. and yeah, I was still going to Warped Tour the last few years..

Completely unrelated here but where has Tom DeLonge been? I need more alien content… and maybe another Angels and Airwaves album. 

Favorite song to dance to? 

“Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon. Walk the Moon actually started at Kenyon, so I am definitely biased.

The Kenyon pride is strong with you. Favorite karaoke song? 

Honestly anything early 2000s punk – All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, Blink-182, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Bowling for Soup.. never gets old.

You should seriously consider rocking some eye liner for our next Zoom class. 

Favorite podcast? 

I am a huge NPR fan and Freakonomics is probably my #1. Stephen Dubner is a gem.

Favorite book? 

Catcher in the Rye… I know, super original… I do read other books, I promise.

The teenage angst really resonates through your music and literary interests. Holden Caulfield was 1000% a New Found Glory fan. 

Do you cook? 

Before Covid, no, but I have actually learned how to cook over the past year and I would say I am pretty decent at it now.

Favorite date spot? 

I am a big fan of outdoor bars when the weather is nice (by the way, the weather is really nice in Denver… who would’ve known…). I would also love to go to a hockey or baseball game again sometime soon. I also think comedy shows are a really fun time and can set a positive mood. Really depends on who I am going with…

Describe your ideal first post-quarantine date? 

Again, I am a big believer that context is super important so it really depends on the person, time of year, location, etc… I have a lot of different interests and ideas 

Hint hint, hit that DM.

What are you looking for in a partner? 

A woman who is interested, interesting, and driven. Bonus if she’s active, likes to travel, etc.

What do you want out of a relationship? 

A partner who enjoys spending quality time together.. could be anything really – reading, running, watching TV, playing board games, adventures, ice cream, going to concerts, sporting events… 

What do you find most challenging about dating? 

Well, COVID has created huge barriers to develop true and meaningful intimacy, considering we can’t really be with people “in-person” all that much. FaceTime and Zoom are wonderful, but they can’t match the same in-person experience that we all are craving at the moment.

What do you enjoy most about dating? 

My love language is quality time so really just getting to know someone past the surface level.

Swoon. There you have it, Steven Reuther everyone. Take some time to let the walls down, crank up the tunes, and let things simmer with this one. If you’re out rocky mountain way give him a shout, or find some way to lure him back East. Hit him up on the instagram at @uncleremusss. Take off that winter coat and enjoy the sunshine!

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at

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