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Letter from the Editor: March 2021

Just when you thought 60-degree days and increased vaccine distribution couldn’t be topped, the March Issue of The Oppy is out now!

In this edition, we are excited to present our inaugural SternSounds playlist – a genius idea by AVP of Technology, Phuong Tran. Every month, we will crowdsource Sternies’ favorite songs into a Spotify playlist. Contribute to next month’s playlist here. You guys sure have some eclectic taste.
Now, back to the “news.” Langone Managing Editor, David Kalan, writes about why the American Rescue Plan, the largest federal aid package since the Great Depression, is bold, progressive, and transformative. AVP of Finance, David Kammiel, gives us the latest on Covid’s impact on the market. It’s been a year since Covid was labeled a pandemic; I reflect on what a year it’s been and give vaccine updates here

Meanwhile on virtual campus – SGov co-presidents, Bucky Aronoff and Brittany Bui, tell us about their goals for the next academic year. Stern’s GMASocial Impact and Sustainability, and FinTech clubs, as well as the NYU Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship, tell us about their recent conferences. Stern student, Tyler Steil shares the lessons he learned from virtual recruiting. VP of Technology, Mattia Janigro makes a compelling argument as to why NYU should reconsider its aggressive expansion plan.

Have you ever talked to a billionaire? I had the opportunity to interview Stern alumnus, former UFC owner, and Stern vet scholarship program founder, Lorenzo Fertitta. Some highlights from the interview are how he bought the UFC for $2 million and sold it for $4 billion, how he had to have security run to Home Depot for chains and locks during Vegas’s Covid lockdown because the doors of the 21 casinos he runs literally do not have locks, and how he gave Conor McGregor his first ever whiskey. Happy early St. Patrick’s Day, btw! ☘️ 

And now, what you’re really here for: The Stern Spotlight Series: We present music artist, Donnie Aki, and a new makeup company, Orcé Cosmetics, in OppySpotlight, a feature series that aims to expose Sternies to writers, artists, causes and entrepreneurs outside of our typical professional networks.

Of course, we are continuing your and our old favorites with Stern Somebody, Kevin Coppola, who is a national figure skating coach. We have a sizzling bachelor and bachelorette in Stern Singles. Stern Hobbies include both reading & social media influencing with “Bookstagram.” and gourmet chili sauce in the Culinary Arts. Our Covid Journal is about finding and losing love during quarantine. The Graduate features Ben Sesser and our Sten Faculty Highlight is Professor Alison Taylor.

As always, we want more input from you. Please email us if you want to write for us! Also…are you single and ready to quaran-tingle (that didn’t work, did it…)? Fill this out if you would like to be featured as a Stern Single or to nominate a classmate! Also, Dear Oppy wants to answer your school/life/work/love questions (and make fun of you) in his/her/their advice column – “real questions, terrible advice.” Submit your questions here…anonymously of course.

Happy reading,


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