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Stern Singles Presents: Hayley Wilcox4 min read

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. We are excited to introduce you all to another Stern eligible bachelorette, Hayley Wilcox!

Sternie testimonials: 

H – ot

A – uthentic

Y – es girl

L – oving 

E – xtremely fun

Y – ou should date her

Enough said, don’t you think? 

I was introduced to Hayley through a mutual friend from college, which goes to show, the world really is that small. In a nutshell, Hayley Wilcox is a fun-loving ~cool girl~ hailing from California making major moves (both NYU undergrad and Stern!) in the world of media, tech, and corporate development. She’s not afraid to say her piece, but emphasizes that her motto to get through this crazy life is to not give too much of a damn. And she’s hilarious. 

We grabbed coffee outdoors in Williamsburg (socially distanced, of course), and I can attest that that testimonial above is accurate. I was also quite impressed that she’d Citi-biked from Fort Greene to Williamsburg with 40 lbs of weights in her backpack to drop off for her friend (Loyal? Dedicated? We think yes). So if you’re cool and funny too, she’s your girl. 

We know you’re looking for a nice, funny, and relaxed guy. I’m already gauging that you’re the same, but how would your friends describe you?

Hmm… very outgoing, that I have a lot of energy, I’m the mom of the group, and hopefully funny? 

Okay, great start. Let’s find out more: what’s something quirky about you? 

Ha, I was actually on a virtual dating show this past summer, so that could explain my willingness to be featured on Stern Singles! I also formed NYU’s first all-female sketch club, and…I’m not vanilla? 

We love someone who is confidently non-vanilla (though there’s nothing wrong with vanilla). What is your most coveted characteristic in a partner?

They have to get along with my tribe. I’m very close to my friends. Also, I have a twin sister, so that’s a non-negotiable. I want someone nice and funny, and hopefully we click. 

You’re an Oakland, California native, yet you’ve stayed in New York City past undergrad. What’s your favorite thing about NYC? 

New York City is a complicated affair, but I love the energy and the hustle. Everyone’s always doing something. Obviously that’s a romanticized answer, so more realistically: you can always walk to get to a bagel. And there’s always free stuff on the street. In a crazy city like this, you have to find the beauty amidst the trash and the stank, you know? 

Ha, I’m very familiar with the sentiment. So now that you’re onto your graduate adventure at NYU, what’s your favorite thing about Stern and the full-time MBA program so far? 

My classmates have really surprised me. Everyone is so collaborative and driven. And I just love learning and picking up on the new vernacular. After working in the real world, I  realized how much I missed learning. *proceeds to share some terms from financial accounting that yours truly, the writer, is clueless on because she has yet to take the class.*

Well, congratulations on starting your MBA during 2020, of all years. What was something you learned about yourself and the world during this pandemic? 

While horrific, I think this is the first universal thing that everyone is experiencing. It’s shown me that you can still have empathy for others despite going through a hard time. Everyone’s experiencing this differently and I’ve gained a lot of perspective. 

Any fun coping mechanisms you came across? 

I played the clarinet for about five days with my mom during quarantine.

Lastly, what makes you a badass?

I like to think that I try to fight the patriarchy through my small daily acts. And I try not to give too many f**ks. 

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