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Stern Singles Presents: Chris Surot6 min read

Happy Holidays Sternies, welcome back to another edition of Stern Singles, and WOW do I have a stocking stuffer for you. It is my pleasure to present you with Stern’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Surot.

Sternie Testimonials:

“My guy Chris is a studly and vivacious ball of positive energy; it’s hard not to have a great time when he’s around. Always up to do something fun and knows how to chill with the best of them. Last tidbit, while he’s a man of many talents, his dancing prowess reigns supreme.”

That’s a tasty tidbit guy. I wish my friends called me vivacious.

“Outgoing, inclusive, incredibly friendly- Chris has become an awesome friend to so many since day one at Stern. He made his mark early on when he sent our class one of his insane mix tapes that immediately impressed us all. And did I mention his dance moves?”

I’m a sucker for a mixtape. The world needs to see these dance moves Chris.

DJ Chris is one cool cat. If a room is empty and dull, he walks in and boom: good vibes everywhere. There’s not a function you wouldn’t wanna take him (or his speakers) to!”

I was truly surprised by how many people used “explode” or “boom” in our Chris conversations.

Chris started in the program this Fall. A fellow Yellow Block member *represent*, and a block leader, Chris is already making waves throughout Stern with his dazzling smile and his lowkey come-up as a quarantine DJ. Ask his classmates and they’ll tell you Chris is “funny, sweet, and consistently the life of the party.” Do you know how hard it is to develop that type of rapport on a zoom call? The man has “magnetic energy” that could make a nun swoon. 

Chris is a Langone student, currently working for Blackstone, crushing financials by day, and books by night. Chris was “big into the dance scene and communities in the city,” but found solace during shut down picking up DJing as his quarantine hobby. He’s either pretty good or incredibly confident as he sent his mix to his entire class. I spoke with Chris to peek behind the curtain at what twists this DJ’s knobs. 

Tell me about yourself Chris

I am a number-crushing finance and accounting private equity professional during the week and dance floor animal during the weekends (before Covid-19 shut down the concert venues and clubs of course). I would like to say I am smiling pretty much all of the time 

What brought you to Stern? 

The school’s reputation is the major draw for me. As a Langone Sternie, the flexibility to continue working while taking classes at night is another major reason too.

What’s been your favorite part about the program? 

It has definitely been all of the friends and connections I have made so far. And it’s only my first semester! I am also a co-block leader, which has been super rewarding too. What’s up Yellow Block?!?!

Is it weird I feel old now that there’s a new generation of Yellow Block? I feel like Drake just replaced me on Degrassi.

What are your plans after you graduate?

Post-MBA, I plan on staying in the private equity industry and continue to further develop my career and skill set.

What’s been the best surprise about the Corona B-School experience? 

The effort of those in my class to organize and attend in-person meet ups (safely and socially distant of course). Making friends and fostering these relationships have been my favorite part about the program so far.

What do you think makes you who you are? 

I think it’s my constant positivity, my natural ability to make any situation fun, and my infectious smile

Favorite musician or band?

According to Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped Report, my top artists for this year include Rüfüs Du Sol, Sofi Tukker, and Monolink.

As soon as clubs are open Chris we’re going to a Sofi Tukker show. 

Favorite song to dance to? 

Currently, I can’t stop dancing to this song Let’s Get Down by Earth N Days. It’s just a fun disco house track!

The man likes disco house! The synth line in this song makes my toes twinkle. 

Favorite podcast? 

Besides my normal news podcasts, I love listening to Hidden Brain, StarTalk Radio, and Stuff You Should Know to collect random factoids to drop into conversations.

I still seek out ways to work my knowledge of horseshoe crab blood into conversations. 

Tell me about these DJ skills. Where can we hear your stuff?

I did pick up DJing as my quarantine talent. I should be able to record more sets once the semester finishes up, but you can check out whatever I have on my SoundCloud to help you get through some work or studying (

Favorite date spot? 

I’d have to say Freemans. It’s a super cool spot! I would love to take someone there very soon : )

For those of you not in the know… I won’t ruin the surprise. But it’s the cutest coziest date in an alley you’ll ever experience. 

Describe your ideal first post-quarantine date?

Dinner and a concert. It would be great to experience live music and dance the night away with a special lady in a music venue again.

Live music just offers a catharsis like none other. People talk up scary movies or romantic dinners, but sometimes you just need to get sweaty and yell in a crowded room. Different type of connection.

What do you want out of a relationship?

First two things that come to mind are having constant fun and excitement. I think those two aspects are pretty key early on to keep the relationship progressing and building up to be more serious and long-term.

I really like the way you differentiate between fun and excitement. 

What are you looking for in a partner? 

My go-to, initial response to that question is “a woman who smiles, laughs, and dances as much as I do.” However to get on a deeper level, I am looking for someone who is genuinely kind, witty, and an absolute joy to be around.

What do you find most challenging about dating?

Probably finding dates so hence why I am answering these questions haha

Is there anything you would like to tell your potential suitors?

If you are looking for a high-energy guy to share some amazing smiles, laughs, and adventures with, you found him! Looking forward to hearing from y’all!

Chris Surot everyone, the dancing man who makes his own music. If you’re driven, kind, and optimistic, make Christmas come early and give this man a shout. Happy Holidays everyone, I’ll see you in 2021.

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at [email protected].

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