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Letter from the Editor: December 20202 min read

The Oppy Editorial Board is proud to introduce its newly-formatted newsletter with this issue (Thanks to Phuong Tran, our AVP of Technology!). Less text-heavy emails and more pictures makes the email easier to skim before deleting. 🙂 

We are only days away from finals being over and, therefore, the end of the semester. Why not enjoy these articles during study breaks? 

SGov tells us about the socially-distanced events they hosted this semester. Ben Sellitto, a Langone student, shares a pretty impressive model he created to help in course selection. Owen Lee, our B-School beekeeper, shares how he got into his unusual hobby. Langone Assistant Managing Editor, Teresa Bruno, gives us a look into what charities Sternies are involved with this holiday season. We give thanks to the essential staff at Stern, who have been keeping us safe during in-person classes with this appreciation video by SGov.. 

For our Covid Journal series, MBA2 and Australian citizen, Ravi Somanchi shares his experiences with us from the land Down Under. The Oppy’s very own MBA1 Assistant Managing Editor, Stacy Chen, tells us about Taiwan’s effective handling of the virus and her quarantine a few weeks ago. 

For those of us who plan to spend winter break casing, Peter K, professional case prep coach, gives us some tips for what consulting firms are looking for

All that said, we know you’re only really here for the “Stern Spotlight” features. We are happy to present Hayley Wilcox and Chris Surot as this month’s “Stern Singles.” Our “Stern Somebody” is Alana Levy. Catch her in the 2024 Marathon Olympic Trials. This edition of “The Graduate” features Vanessa O’Brien (‘97), a British-American mountaineer, explorer, author and (of course) notable Stern grad! She casually set a Guinness World Record by becoming the first woman to reach the Earth’s highest (Mt. Everest 8,848m) and lowest (Challenger Deep 10,925m) points.  And “Dear Oppy” is as inappropriate as always.

We do like to keep some level of seriousness at The Oppy. So Dave Kalan, Langone Managing Editor, gives us a very “straight forward” rundown of the incoming administration’s cabinet appointees with only one reference to silly facial hair. We continue to promote Allyship, and I get into the nitty gritty of the importance of body language in public speaking. 

And with that, we bid you and this dumpster fire of a year adieu. See you in 2021!

Happy reading,


P.S. We are giving The Oppy a new look with a new logo (thanks to our VP of Technology, Mattia Janigro) but we want your input. Vote here for your favorite!.

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