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Stern Singles Presents: Patton Chandler4 min read

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. We are excited to introduce you all to another Stern eligible bachelor, Patton Chandler! A musical theater, college football, and all things fried loving southern boy looking for love!! 

Patton grew up in Huntsville, Ala., home of the world renowned Space Camp and setting for The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission, a true classic of the Olsen Twins’ cinematic oeuvre. Patton received his BFA in musical theater at The Hartt School in Connecticut and then headed to the big city, where he spent six years working as an actor. 

He’s a fresh Sternie, obeys COVID-19 quarantine rules, loves a good Christmas decor situation, and is loyal to the core. The way to Patton’s heart is not taking yourself too seriously and loving your mama. Gentlemen, if you aren’t afraid to order from the same restaurant off of Grubhub twice within a 6 hour period, Patton might just be the guy for you. 

Just look at that immaculate cozy szn ‘fit…

Patton, Patton, Patton. You’re impeccably dressed, a charming Southern boy, what more can we know about you?! Let’s start off with something light…what is your favorite type of dog?

Great Danes with blue-coat floppy ears. Emphasis on the floppy ears. NOT pinned.

Great taste. You also seem like you have great taste in music given your musical theater and acting background. What is your go-to karaoke song?

Go the distance from Hercules. It has to be the Michael Bolton version in the original key. And before anyone asks what I want to do with my MBA, I would love to leverage my musical theater skills in the business world. 

Alright, alright, he’s specific and nuanced, folks. Here’s another random one before we really start digging: What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

First of all, the Winter Olympics are superior to the Summer Olympics, no argument. Lindsey Vonn in alpine ski racing is probably my favorite. Like, come on. 

Lots of cozy vibes coming from you with your obsession with Christmas decor and the Winter Olympics. You’re an avid fan of Grubhub. What would be your ideal first date? 

Hmm…a water park?! It’s active, we get to see what we’re working with…in all seriousness, I would love for him to take me to HIS favorite restaurant, any cuisine.

Oh, so you’re open to trying new things and that’s a great way to get to know someone, through the love of their favorite food. Take notes, guys….okay, but maybe the guy will want to know a little bit more about your love of food. If you could have anything you wanted as your last meal before you die, what would it be?

This is tragic because I think they closed due to the pandemic, but it’d have to be Pizzeria Sirenetta on the Upper West Side. I’d have their octopus, spinach pizza with ~extra hot~ peppers, and linguinette. And wine. 

I’m getting hungry dude. We’ve covered the lighthearted stuff. So glad to have you at Stern! It’s a crazy year to start grad school. What has surprised you about business school thus far?

How do I word this…honestly, I was floored by how unpretentious the teachers and students are. I may have felt a little apprehensive going into my MBA, but everyone has genuinely been so friendly and supportive and ambitious. It makes me really excited for what’s to come these next few years. 

2020 has been an unprecedented year. Here’s hoping for a better 2021. If you could manifest anything, what would it be?

End systemic racism. AOC for president (eventually). Find love? 

Any last words? 

Experience the JOY, baby! We’re here for a good time, not a long time. 

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