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Stern Singles Presents: Dylan Lyons4 min read

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. I’m so excited to introduce you all to Stern’s most eligible bachelor, our Mr. October, Dylan Lyons

Sternie Testimonials:

Dylan works at language start up, Babbel – you better believe he knows the language of love.

Love a man who knows his lengua. High praise Dylan

I looked up satisfaction in the dictionary, and it read Dylan Lyons

I like this somewhat dirty flirty wordy vibe you’ve got going Dylan.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan in person (*gasp*) at a central park picnic a few weeks ago. It was our first time meeting but I was amazed how almost immediately I felt I had known him for years. I was impressed by how well he knew himself, and the way that self confidence and awareness resonates with others. No beating around the bush here. 

Dylan joined Stern in Fall of 2018, a zesty orange block member (his words). He’s obsessed with news and politics, and even more so with improving society. I sat down with Mr. Lyons to explore the inner workings of his romantic psyche. 

So Dylan, tell me about yourself, why are you here and what are you trying to do?

I’m Dylan and, as cliché as it sounds, I want to use my MBA and my background in journalism and content production to make the world a better place by working in social impact, sustainability, or political advocacy. And I’d love to have a handsome and inspiring dude by my side. 

What brought you to Stern? 

The part-time program, which is ideal because I can also make an income so I can afford rent and, you know, food.

Food is always nice. So that said, given everything that’s happening… What’s keeping you here?

Too much time and money invested to abandon that sweet, sweet degree. Also, my classmates are pretty great!

Nothing about my costs are sunk. What excited you most about coming here? 

Getting the opportunity to learn a lot and meet new people.

Did anything worry you about starting grad school? 

When will I sleep?

 See I just didn’t sleep to begin with, so at least now I feel my exhaustion is productive.

What’s been the best surprise about the Corona Business School experience? 

I’m never not wearing soccer shorts. I’m also weirdly excited by Zoom polls.

That’s my favorite answer I’ve received to this question. 

Alright give me something juicy, what scares you? 

Confined spaces, centipedes, four more years of Trump (pls vote)

I was going to attempt to keep all political references out of this but with this answer I can just tell readers to not scare Dylan.   

What’s your favorite karaoke song? 

I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s Bet On It from High School Musical 2 (though if you’d like to duet to Start of Something New hmu)

Wow so happy you brought Ashley Tisdale back in my life. Favorite podcast? 

It’s a tie between Pod Save America and Reply All.

Favorite book?

I love books so this is hard. But probably The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Full disclosure, I haven’t read this but it has an UNREAL review line “Gabriel García Márquez meets Umberto Eco meets Jorge Luis Borges for a sprawling magic show.” Sign me up.

Do you cook?

Not really. So I hope you either love cooking or love take-out!

Send noodles. How do you spend your days?

Virtual work, virtual school, virtual social life, text-banking for political campaigns, reading, and watching Netflix.

Just out here looking for an eBae. Wear your masks so Dylan can go outside!

Favorite date spot? 

A coffee shop inside a bookstore.

Wow that’s a level of coziness I aspire to. Maybe they serve wine too? World is your oyster.

What are you looking for in a partner? 

A guy who’s ambitious and passionate but also grounded, cares about others, will at least tolerate my political rants, and likes the room to be cool when we sleep.

Anything I haven’t asked you but I should?

You didn’t ask me my favorite inspirational quote, which is “The grass ain’t always greener on the other side; it’s green where you water it.” – Big Sean

Dylan Lyons everyone, journalist, activist, and the only person I’ve met able to reference Sharpay and Big Sean in the same conversation. This one’s special gentlemen. Give Dylan a shout if you see him in the virtual world, otherwise start scouting out bookshops that sell wine. Happy corona cuffing!

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of Stern Singles, please email the Oppy staff at [email protected].

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