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Letter from the Editor: October 20202 min read

One month of classes down, either virtually or socially distanced in KMC. While this year only continues to get weirder, Sternies are adjusting. Whether it’s navigating hybrid classes, virtual recruitment, or cold-temperature tolerance for outdoor dining, we have proved to be a resilient bunch.

In this issue, we bring you some light-hearted reviews of virtual races, the NBA finals, and dating apps. We dive into some significant topics, such as the upcoming election, its effects on the market, and adjustment disorder. We had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and EiC of Poets & Quants, John Byrne, about how his graduate school paper impacted him and how he ended up being a key figure in the B-school space. We have some notable Stern students to brag about in our Stern Singles and Somebody spotlights. I am unceasingly impressed with what our classmates have persevered through during lockdown in our Covid Journals series. Dear Oppy continues to give harsh but warranted advice to students.

I would like to highlight my favorite quote in this issue by John Byrne. When we asked if the ROI of an MBA is still worth it during these simultaneous health, political, and economic crises, he responded, “What I have found in life, is that when people go through something together, and it’s tough and it’s not what they bargained for, they bond in ways they could never have otherwise….years will pass and you will look back at this and think, ‘I hated this at the time, but man am I glad that I did it, because my relationships with my classmates are closer than they otherwise would have been and it all worked out.’” This really resonated with me. I like the idea of running into any of you, whether it be at a bar or in a boardroom, realizing the overlap of our time at Stern during Covid, and immediately feeling bonded.

I suppose I should stop romanticizing and get through the pandemic first. The Oppy will continue to try and connect us during these remote and unprecedented times, but we want to make sure your voice is heard. Please email us if you’d like to contribute for our November issue!

Happy reading,


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