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Admin’s guide on how to navigate virtual MBA Events this fall4 min read

By Shannon O’Brien (OSE, Blue Block SP20) and Katie Malen-Gamely (OCD, Green Block F17)

For those of us in New York City, you can already feel some crisp fall weather sneaking into the morning air. All the while, this fall is looking far different than we’ve ever seen at Stern. While the NYU community takes on the challenge of operating in person, while mitigating the spread of COVID-19 at all costs, classes, clubs, and career events are now the focus of Google calendars and Zoom accounts. As we work to keep each other and NYC safe, Sternies are doing their best to go about life as normal as we can. Whether you’re planning to attend a club kickoff, scheduling a million coffee chats, or putting together an event for your student organization, here is what you need to know (for now) about clubs will be functioning this semester.

Club event time slots

Continuing Langone and MBA2 students know that the class schedule and events calendar looks a lot different this semester, and this is for a number of reasons. From accommodating Sternies, who are studying across the globe, to optimizing the time we can use rooms in KMC and Tisch for classes, a few major shifts were made in the class schedule to maximize the hours in the day. The new break times (11am-12:15pm, 6:30pm-7:30pm, and 8-9pm EDT) will be packed with programming. Block Time will still take place on Mondays, now from 11am-12:15pm, while this lunch hour will be reserved for career events and recruiting Tuesday through Thursday. KM Sessions, which are crucial career education for a number of clubs and their industries, will take place on Friday morning, so they can be available to students across the globe. MBA students can also expect to see Affinity and Special Interest clubs host events on Friday mornings, as well as weekday evenings at 6:30pm and 8pm EDT, and potentially ,over the weekends too. 

Like any other semester, Sternies will have to make tough choices about what events to prioritize and what they might need to say no to. There will always be MBA club events that overlap, but know that there will be more opportunities to get involved in the spring. 

Recruiting Events & Coffee Chats

For students going through the fall recruitment process, you’ve likely realized that the calendar gets busy quickly!  This semester, the dedicated times for career programming are 11am-12pm and 5-6pm ET on Mondays through Thursdays, excluding holidays and MBA1 block time. These are times when students will be able to attend Corporate Presentations, without class or club conflicts. This year, we are also seeing that more firms are hosting multi-school webinars, which may fall outside of the hours that are blocked for career programming. These webinars are on the MBA Events Google Calendar and you can join them as your schedule permits or check-in with a friend who attended for any key takeaways. On top of all of those opportunities, firms can host coffee chats throughout the week (including Fridays) at various times and some firms may also be offering additional educational or invite-only events. For additional events outside of Corporate Presentations, firms are encouraged to consider the evening time slots or Friday afternoons, as mentioned earlier. This is a lot to juggle, especially in an entirely virtual recruiting world, and it will be important to build in breaks to set yourself up for success when navigating the recruitment process. 

While the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of Career Development have worked hard to create the best schedule possible for Fall 2020, we know that virtual operations and Zoom meetings aren’t anyone’s first choice. While these are the plans that are in place today, circumstances can change at any time based on ordinances from New York City or developments from NYU. If you have questions about career/company events for your club, reach out to your Relationship Manager in OCD. If you have questions about social events for your Affinity/Special Interest club, email [email protected]
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Quick Resource Guide which outlines a number of virtual resources, contact information for various administrators, and general FAQs for the Fall semester. For questions regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures, please reference the NYU Returns page for the most up to date information.

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