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Zoom Drinking Game1 min read

This semester has been…something. Going remote in the middle of the semester has been quite the experience and we’ve all had to come up with innovative ways to stay entertained. One of the many ways people have managed to make the best of online classes is by setting up drinking games. Hopefully, we will not be virtual next semester and none of these will have to be used again, but below are some of the rules Sternies have come up with. Enjoy!

Take 1 Sip:

  1. Anytime someone mentions coronavirus
  2. Every time someone says, “Sorry, I was on mute.”
  3. Every time two people talk at the same time, then stop at the same time, and then start speaking at the same time again

Take 2 Sips:

  1. Every time the professor comments on a student’s Zoom background
  2. Every time you join a breakout room

Chug your drink:

  1. If someone starts yelling to their mom/significant other/roommate without realizing they’re not on mute
  2. When someone accidentally messages something on the Zoom chat to the entire class instead of replying privately
  3. If you catch someone else drinking!

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