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Incoming SGov Presidents: New Year, New Challenges, and New Opportunities2 min read

By Antonella Tellez and Ashwin Chandra

Remember early March? It feels like it’s been about ten years since then. The days were unseasonably warm and we were full of excitement for spring break travel and on-campus events ahead. Needless to say, our spring semester hasn’t gone as planned. We’re now spread across the world and we see each other in little rectangles on our laptops. But while virtual school will never replace the real thing, it’s been amazing to see how the Stern community has pulled together. We’ve helped each other navigate recruiting, brought in exciting speakers, and even maintained a full virtual social calendar. All of this has reminded us why we are so excited to serve in Student Government.

The current situation has adjusted SGov’s priorities, but our goals remain the same. We are here to build community, improve the student experience, and represent the voices of our classmates. For now, that means organizing events over Zoom to keep us connected. It also means working with administration and advocating for the student body during this time of such immense change. The incoming SGov Board has already hit the ground running, and we know this group is going to accomplish great things. 

No matter where we’re located, we’re excited about everything we’re working on to make Stern an even better place. Some of our goals for this year include: 

  • Achieving better balance between academics and recruiting. We are working with OCD and our academic faculty on solutions to make fall semester a little more manageable
  • Optimizing our communication platforms. We were the Teams guinea pigs; now we can realize its full potential
  • Re-vamping our course evaluations to make registration more seamless and transparent
  • Building out a robust Diversity & Inclusion co-curriculum across the two-year experience
  • Fun events! Whether through Stern Social or otherwise, we want to make this next year memorable for all of us
  • Staying engaged with our soon-to-be MBA3s to make up for lost time

These first couple months in SGov certainly weren’t what we expected, but it’s already been a rewarding experience. This is mostly thanks to Becca and Sohail for all their help and support in this transition. We can’t wait to all be back together again, and we’re so excited for what the next year has in store.

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