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From the Editor: May 20202 min read

Has it been a month already? Honestly, I cannot decide if April was the longest or shortest 30 days of my life. I do know time has started to blend together. I only differentiate days of the week by which hospital I’m working in, do I have class or not, and how many days of scrubs do I have left?

Yet, we have all gotten into a routine of sorts – whether it’s working from home, classes from home…nearly everything, from home. We are dispersed all over the city, U.S., and world. These have been some tough times for our Stern family in terms of layoffs, internships and jobs rescinded or delayed, and disruptions in student visa statuses – just to name a few. But despite distance, we are continuing to support each other. The virus has not dampened our sense of community. If anything, it has strengthened it. We are in it for the long haul. I never thought I’d associate the vows “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” with my business school, but here we are.  

This is our last official issue release of the academic school year. We will post articles about major events over the summer but our main features will continue in the fall. Please now, no tears. 

All joking aside, thank you for reading and supporting The Oppy this semester. As you know, we are an all-new editorial board that restarted our long-existing MBA paper in January. It has been quite the learning curve but we are figuring it out as we go and having a great time while doing it. I sincerely want to thank Conor, the “Dave Ks” (can I call you guys that?), Ray, Rob, Roberta, and Sanjna for making this possible. I cannot imagine a more fun, eloquent, intelligent, well-rounded board. Thank you for picking up my slack. For anyone who is interested, we will be expanding our board this fall.

To our graduating Sternies, thank you for the positive impact you have made on our community. You have been wonderful classmates, phenomenal leaders, and great HH comrades. I am so sorry we cannot send you off in the grand MSG and Yankee Stadium style you deserve this May but we will celebrate you in due time. I am so excited to see and hear (and possibly write) about your accomplishments.

Happy reading,


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