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End of an Era: Outgoing LSG President Sandy Moheban

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Life at Stern. Like many, I’ve enjoyed countless events and programs in the Stern Community. I had the tremendous pleasure to speak to the woman behind it all, LSG President Sandy Moheban. April marks the final month of Sandy’s tenure, so we sat down with Sandy to talk about her time at NYU and her hopes for the next wave of Sternies and LSG.

Sandy’s been steeped in New York life, growing up in Great Neck Long Island and training into the city at any opportunity. When I asked her what brought her to Stern she said: “I went to NYU for undergrad and very quickly learned that Stern was the college to be in. I actually applied for an internal transfer when I was a sophomore but was unfortunately rejected. Instead, I decided to major in economics through the College of Arts & Sciences and minor in business through Stern, but my plan was always to go back for my MBA as I wanted a stronger foundation in business.” 

The course offerings were a big pull for Sandy, and when I asked if she had any regrets it seemed the only thing she missed out on was taking more classes. “I truly wanted to take (almost) every class and still feel that way (in retrospect 60 credits goes by really fast!).”

As you can expect from any Student body President, Sandy is ambitious, outgoing, and wildly proactive. She loves learning new things, meeting new people, trying new foods (especially when tequila is involved), and cultivating connections between these countless affiliations to bring about value to her life and community. Sandy works full time in E-commerce merchandising at H&M for Mexico Online, again constructing relationships across borders to bring the people what they want. She never backs down from a challenge, unless it’s a horror movie, but even then it’s not as much about fear as it is there is no progress to be made. 


What made you want to be LSG President?

I knew I wanted to be LSG President during my orientation. I remember looking at the president at the time and thinking, “I can do that”.  That day I started my campaign for Block Leader and here I am!

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

(Re-)Extending Beer Blast to better accommodate Langone students schedules.  Also better ticket sell-through of our flagship events (shoutout to Student Affairs!). Also was really happy to see many of my friends join LSG during the years I was on it and even after!

I’ll never forget one of the first times I met Sandy, her slyly slipping me a compliment quickly followed by “…that could be really useful in a LSG role.” Always on her grind.

What was the biggest challenge of being president?

Finding the right balance of being supportive yet not micromanaging can be hard.  Also, with many of my friends being LSG board members, maintaining those relationships when we didn’t agree with LSG-related issues/me being a hardass.  

What makes a good LSG President (or LSG member)?

Someone who puts what’s best for the Langone community first, volunteers to help whenever their or another vertical needs support, and does their best to attend LSG events!

Write this down kids.

Any future in politics/public service for you?

Haha interestingly a fellow sternie told me they could see me in politics, we’ll see! Maybe something local in my hometown. Would definitely like to be part of an alumni group at Stern post-graduation.

Can you speak on the relationships you cultivated with the NYU Stern administration over your tenure?

I dealt a lot with the OSE, Dean Conor Grenan, and had some chats with Dean Raghu. I maintained a good relationship with them but I also may have driven them crazy with all my questions & feedback.

Sandy has a certain way to make driving you crazy still seem pleasant, I’m sure they didn’t mind.


What’s been your favorite part about the program?

I really loved it all – first and foremost my block, good majority of my classes, happy hours, and of course LSG events!!

Sandy would be devastated if I didn’t mention she’s a proud Green Block member.

What will you miss most about Stern?

EVERYTHING! 🙁 Spring Fling, Stern Social, Outclass party, weekly block happy hours, and meeting new Sternies.

We’ll miss you too Sandy.

What will you not miss about Stern?

Some unnecessarily grumpy security guards.

Thoughts on cancelled events? 

I am not happy about them, especially given this is my last semester.  I was working closely with Student Affairs to plan this year’s Spring Fling and we had some really great ideas I was excited to see through. May just have to crash a lot of events next year!

Please do.

What will graduation be like?

Hoping it will still be in person but just moved further out.

What do you want to do after graduating? 

I’m not 100% sure as I recently changed jobs just last year. I would like to start my own consulting business however.


How do you feel about remote classes? 

I don’t love it, as it takes away my favorite part of class, which is IRL human interaction and forging and maintaining relationships with other Sternies, however it is better than nothing and I do think Stern was quick and efficient in shifting over. In some cases, it has made certain events more accessible such as an excel course I recently took, a recent SWIB Conference, and the upcoming Fireside Chat with Scott Galloway.

I think after this situation is over, virtual classes can be a great way to have flexibility for students to access events/classes both in-person and/or virtually (especially Langone students). Additionally, it will be a useful tool to leverage in the event of bad weather in colder months rather than cancelling class.

Always the optimist. I agree with you as long as we make clear virtual classes are compliments, not substitutes, to in-person classes and events. Feel free to save me on rainy nights though.

How are you staying sane?

I’ve honestly been so busy with work, school, and LSG that I think I’ve been too preoccupied to lose my mind.  Also spending way too much time on Instagram – on that note I live for @stoolpresidente’s quarantine posts.

Favorite isolation meal?

Luckily I’m home with my parents and my mom has been making me some fire pasta with pink sauce (thanks mom! <3)

Pink sauce definitely makes the situation more bearable. 

Favorite isolation activity?

Watching a netflix show with my parents.  Oh, and drinking occasionally.

My parents are surprisingly bad influences on my drinking. It was a BIG mistake showing my Dad Tiger King. Alright let’s lighten the mood a bit

Favorite song to dance to?

Electricity by Dua Lipa is my jam.

Favorite self-isolation album?

I don’t know about an album but I’ve been really feeling the song “everything i wanted” by Billie Elish.  “Ex Factor” by Lauryn Hill has also gotten me through some hard times.

What is the first thing you will do when this nonsense is over?

Go to my sister’s house and hug and kiss my nieces which I miss very much.  After that I’ll need to get some sushi and/or italian food with my friends.

Favorite NYC bar? 

By NYU I’m all about sangria from The Malt House. Also love Sweetwater Social and their giant Moscow Mules but they’re annoyingly expensive. Street Taco by my apartment is also dope and has late night happy hour, good drinks and amazing fish tacos!

Just to reiterate: Tequila is the way.

Favorite NYC restaurant?

I really love italian food (and sushi).  Ribalta, La Pizza e La Pasta in Eataly, and Lupa are some of my favorites.  

Favorite class?

I really liked Business Law and Advanced Strategy

Favorite Professor?

Rich Hendler and Sonia Marciano

Favorite event you attended?
Spring Fling

Advice to future Langone students?

Make the most of your time here – get involved and attend all the events you can!

What impact do you hope you have achieved in your time as President?

To have left Stern a little better than I found it.

I’d say you succeed on that front. There you have it folks, Sandy Moheban, a legend in our time. Thank you Sandy, and all of our outgoing LSG board members for the incredible work you’ve put in, and making our experience at Stern all the more memorable.

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