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Stern Singles Presents: Raechel Shaw5 min read

The Oppy staff wants to start up a new feature for the paper called “Stern Single” showcasing members of the student body and what makes them the incredible individuals they are. 

For our inaugural subjects of Stern Single, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, and my love for Pilot Pete, we are proud to present NYU Stern’s Most Eligible Bachelorette, Raechel Shaw

Sternie Testimonials:

“I never thought anyone could make me feel the way Super Bowl Halftime Show made me feel.. until I met Raechel” 

High Praise.

I wish I had her arms” 

Me too man.. Me too. 

The only thing more impressive than Raechel’s immaculate taste and use of leopard print is her ability to collaborate and bring out the best from her teams. Raechel is a first generation American, born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. She works in Merchandise Planning at J.Crew. We sat down with Raechel to ask her some questions about her experience at Stern. 

Hello! Thanks so much for your time, please tell us about yourself.

“Hey! My name is Raechel Shaw and I am humbled to be featured in this post. In short I’m an easy going lady who loves anything active and has dreams of breaking from her 9-5 in corporate retail and owning her own boutique fitness studio.”

The honor is all ours. What brought you to Stern? 

“I was thinking about full time programs out of the city for some time but when I started at J.Crew, (Headquartered in NYC) the idea of pursuing the part-time program here started to creep into my head.” 

What was it that hooked you, or what excited you most about coming here?

“As I learned more, Stern’s emphasis on EQ and the ability to craft the program into the perfect program for me through specializations, experiential learning opportunities and DBIs really resonated with me so I applied! I was most excited about the people (peers, professors, administration) I would meet.” 

What’s been your favorite part about the program?

“The people: in less than a year I have met and learned from so many people in so many different ways. I’ve made genuine connections with people I otherwise would have never met and I’m excited to see the successes that each of them achieve! I’ve also loved how much pursuing a rigorous part-time program such as this can teach you about what you can handle and what you are capable of.”  

What’s your favorite aspect of the people/culture at Stern?

“I’ve experienced a strong work hard/play hard mentality and I am here. for. it. I love that the same people that are challenging me in the classroom are the first to head out to the bar after class with me.”

What about your personality, or passions, make you the person you are?

“I’ve got a strong work ethic and that comes from my mom. Despite being a single mother and an immigrant to this country she managed to provide for me in profound ways and that was through her relentless drive. I’ve got a lot of her in me and I hope to one day be able to provide for my family the way she did for me.”  

I’m sure you make her proud. 

What excites you Raechel?

“Training and passionate people. I love learning from and experiencing the energy that people can’t help but exude when they express what they are passionate about!” 

You’re also running a half marathon, correct?

“Yes! I’m running my first half marathon in May, and having set that goal for myself, the feeling I have when I accomplish any run towards that end goal is so exciting.”

Favorite class (so far)?

“Power and Politics. Kabi is a legend. Believe the hype.”

Kabi, if you’re reading this, know we love you.

Favorite Professor (so far)? 

“Hardest question! To any of my past professors reading this, it was YOU! But for the sake of answering, Professor Srikanth Jagabathula for Ops Management is excellent! I just took his Winter intensive section and he made what I thought would be an impossible subject to handle in three weeks digestible and arguably fun (at times..).” 

Favorite mid-90’s/early 2000s music act?

“Backstreet Boys. But then Justin Timberlake solo. And then retroactively N’SYNC. Sorry.”

Never apologize for loving boy bands. Ever. 

Favorite NYC bar? 

“Tough one! Black Flamingo because surprisingly tasty food (it’s vegan…) and dancing in the basement but also Chilos because a taco truck and Mood Ring because trippy 90’s decor and Night of Joy because chill rooftop.”

A major benefit to hanging out with Raechel is her near-encyclopedic knowledge of cool bars. We should have cut her off after one answer, but every one of those bars is an absolute fire flames establishment, and I couldn’t bear to kill her darlings. 

Favorite date spot? 

“Well, I love a competition so bowling at The Gutter or a Barry’s Bootcamp class. Fresh Kills Bar is also a great spot because everyone else will also be on a first date and observing other couples makes for great conversation if all else fails. Lots of favorites…”

Favorite song to dance to? 

“‘Drunk In Love.’ And, since I haven’t given just one answer to any of the other questions, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody.’”

How do you drink your coffee? 

“I don’t. I’m a tea drinker. Green tea, often with almond milk. I get weird looks but that’s my order.” 

What do you want to do after graduating?

“Leave NYC! I’ve always dreamt of warmer weather and surfing…”

Raechel Shaw, everyone, weird tea drinker and future surfer. Catch Raechel chilling outside during class breaks, organizing post-class happy hours, or ripping kickers at the upcoming Stern Winter Getaway.    

Stern’s Most Eligibles in their natural habitats

If you would like to nominate a classmate for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at [email protected].

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