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From the Editor: February 20202 min read

It is with great pride that I take on the role of editor-in-chief of our favorite (and, for that matter, only) school newspaper. The Oppy took a little hiatus, but with a new decade comes new staff hoping to give you the same great paper. The Oppy has been the voice of the Stern MBA community for 55 volumes and that is going to continue with No. 56. This paper has seen many an MBA class come and go, and witnessed some of Stern’s most notable alumni. Whether you are just getting settled in for the start of your MBA journey or starting the final countdown to your last step out KMC’s revolving door, I hope you find The Oppy a valuable part of your time here.

We each bring a unique attribute to our school community. Whether your background is medicine, finance, marketing, tech, or military, we are bonded by Stern. Part-timer or full-timer, we all hope to achieve professional excellence with our degrees, and we all have the tools to do it. My biggest words of advice are to enjoy every step of the journey because it will go by fast. Take part of every corporate trek. Listen to every speaker, even if you aren’t entirely sure who they are or what they do. Join all the clubs, represent the clubs, and then run the clubs. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. Take that class or do that specialization that has nothing to do with your career “trajectory.” Sign up for that ski trip, even if you don’t know anyone going. Go on the DBis and weekends away. Go to Stern Socials, Stern Speaks, Stern Hoops – basically if it has the word Stern in it, I want you there with a school shirt on. And then I want you to write an article about it for The Oppy. 

Enjoy your time here. I emphasize the community because that’s what makes Stern so special and its network so invaluable. Stern is remarkable because its people are remarkable. We at The Oppy are just here to shine a light on them.

Happy reading,


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