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Spotlight on CareHeart from the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge3 min read

To think we’re already approaching the end of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge! We’ve seen some great startups and ideas from the community throughout the year. We continue our coverage with semi-finalist CareHeart.

Stern Oppy: Can you tell us about CareHeart?

CareHeart: CareHeart is a heart failure disease management app geared towards keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. Patient engagement is the cornerstone of our solution as we need patients to use the app on a regular (daily) basis. Our app will delight users (or patients) with its simple design that works with any lifestyle. It also helps our customers (or hospitals) by reducing costs, lowering readmissions, and improving heart failure quality metrics.

We plan on creating a clinical app algorithm that creates a light-weight mechanism for disease management with the option for additional elements depending on user preference. Our focus with this app will be to keep a simple model that focuses on clinical musts and not to force the patient to input what may be superfluous information. We are primarily focusing on two requirements, weight and symptoms, both which are collected in the app on a daily basis. Optional inputs for clinical algorithm include sodium as well as water intake. Premium subscription would further include care provider linkage if accepted by the provider. The app would also link to scales and smart water bottles.

We plan on building this disease management app environment with patient user experience at its core. We want to acknowledge that our challenges in this space involve patients’ ease of functionality, particularly so for patients experiencing heart failure as well as the psychographics of living with chronic disease. Our customers will find a focused disease management panel that is light and user friendly; yet, if desired, more advanced features can be made accessible.

Stern Oppy: How did you meet and decide to work together as a team on CareHeart?

CareHeart:We met each other in Fall 2017 as incoming students in the Langone part-time program. We are all in the same Blue Block.

Stern Oppy: What sets you apart from other ventures in the competition?

CareHeart:To be honest, we wish we were the stand-outs in the competition, but we have met so many ambitious, passionate people with incredibly unique and insightful ideas. We are just so excited to get a chance to tackle such a complex problem that will have such a meaningful impact on so many people’s lives. Let’s just say judges have a tough job this year.

Stern Oppy: How does it feel to be semi-finalists?

CareHeart:To start, it’s exciting! This has been such a valuable experience, going through the competitive process and thinking deeply about how to bring an idea to life. From the bootcamps to our endless debates behind to scenes, we have all developed a fresh new perspective and approach to our professional lives. But to be honest, we’ll stop beating around the bush — it’s stressful!

Stern Oppy: Best of luck to the CareHeart team as they move forward in the competition!

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