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Experience a Classic Autumn in New York

Sure, the fall semester is in full swing, and it’s time to get cracking on those case studies and page-long stats formulas. But, there’s no way to sustain the level of intensity an MBA requires without taking a break from time to time.

We’re here to show you that there’s much more to do to break the monotony of coursework than just Beer Blast. Get out, enjoy the changing weather, and explore your new surroundings. Here’s an exhaustive, but far from definitive, list of fun seasonal activities to do in the NYC area.


Apple Picking in Hudson Valley

Fall is a time for harvest, and what better way to enjoy it than going to a pick-your-own farm? With many apple orchards dotting the Hudson Valley, you can do a lot more than get your fix for any variety of apple out there. Some of these farms offer hayrides, cider tastings, fresh hot baked goods including the ever-popular cider doughnuts, and a variety of other seasonal pickings like berries and the ubiquitous pumpkin. Some of the most beloved locations among locals are:

Rose Hill Farm (2 hours drive)

Lawrence Farms Orchards (1.5 hours)

Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard (1 hour)

Stuart’s Fruit Farm (1 hour)

Greig Farm (2 hours)

Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm (1 hour)


Steam-Powered Cider Mill Demonstrations in Mystic, CT

Further out of the city in Connecticut, is the country’s last standing, continuously used, steam cider mill. At B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in Mystic, Connecticut, you can attend one of the regular cider making demonstrations every Saturday and Sunday through October and November to see some of the archaic machinery in action, before you taste your way through the countless varieties of cider they sell by the gallon. This experience will open your eyes to what hard cider can be.


Wineries on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley

Fall is when vineyards are harvesting grapes for the year’s new production, and it’s an especially festive time to visit wineries. Harvest parties abound in and around the east end and North Fork of Long Island as well as throughout the Hudson Valley.


A Visit to Storm King in New Windsor

A must add to your fall activity list is a visit to Storm King, the 500-acre outdoor museum, which offers views on large-scale sculptures, site specific installations, not the mention the incredible fall foliage surrounding the Hudson Valley location.


Oyster Tour on Hummock Island, CT

Just an hour’s ride out of the city on the Metro North brings you to the heart of New England, where you can enjoy the food culture the region is famous for – and not least among the local offerings are fresh oysters. Hummock Island, which has grown boutique oysters since 2014, is tapping into the sustainability and eco-tourism craze and now offers oyster tours, complete with a history of oyster farming, shucking lessons and of course a tasting!


Halloween Festivities Throughout New York

From raunchy events like the Village Halloween parade, to the family fun-vibe of the Pumpkin Flotilla in Central Park, to the outright hilarity of the many doggy Halloween costume contests throughout the city, there’s no shortage of festivities to delight in on All Hallow’s Eve. If you’re willing to trek out of the city, be sure to check out the Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze near Sleepy Hollow.


Take a Stroll at the New York Botanical Gardens

Way up in the Bronx, at the far end of the 6 line, lies a total gem. The NYBG is the largest botanical gardens in any city in the US, housing 7.8 million plant specimens. In addition to the many ornamental gardens, which are constantly in flux throughout the seasonal, the NYBG hosts fresh from the garden tastings and has its own farmer’s market every Wednesday. There’s a spooky pumpkin garden starting the first week of October, and through to the end of the month, a show that combines the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe with the plants that inspired them.


Cozy Up by the Fire at One of These New York Institutions

There may be no better pastime for whiling away a frost-bitten fall evening than sinking deep into a sofa in front of a roaring flame with a whiskey cocktail in hand. When you’re craving the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace, be sure to check out one of these bars:

Black Mountain Wine House

Bowery Hotel Lobby Bar

Union Hall

The Ballroom at the Jane Hotel

Lantern’s Keep

Lobby Bar at the Ludlow

The Flatiron Room

McSorley’s Old Ale House


Pick Up a Pumpkin and Other Seasonal Fare at One of NYC’s Local Farmers Markets

The Union Square Greenmarket is a great place to start for Sternies, since it’s just a few blocks from NYU. And it’s not a bad start indeed. The market sells fresh produce, fish, meats, and baked goods from about 140 regional producers in peak season and is the perfect location to taste local, seasonal New York fare.

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