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Departing Diana Hyde Shares Tips on Student Life

Student Government, LAUNCH, Stern Chats, Leadership Fellows—from day one as a Sternie, these and other programs make up the framework for Stern’s inclusive and diverse community. Diana Hyde, Senior Director of Student Engagement, describes the community as having a certain “coolness” cemented by years of tradition that makes “Stern, Stern.”

Those core community-building programs? Diana has helped improve (or create, in some cases) all of them in her work at the Office of Student Engagement over the last seven years. Since her arrival in 2011, Diana has won the Administrator of the Year award three times and completed her MBA as a student in the part-time Langone program.

We sat down with Diana shortly after the announcement that she will be departing from Stern to join FCB Global as Director of Global Talent. Diana will undoubtedly be a catalyst for greater inclusion and civility at FCB and the wider financial services industry.

Read on to learn—in Diana’s words—about her favorite club experiences, not-to-miss events, and what Stern means to her as an administrator and student.


How has NYU Stern changed in the last seven years?

The Office of Student Engagement has worked in conjunction with student government and staff to begin to build more diversity and inclusion programs. Four or five years later it’s definitely a noticeable trend, though there’s always work to be done.

What hasn’t changed?

There’s so much coolness around the school—it’s an ongoing tradition that makes Stern Stern. The level of community and commitment to people hasn’t changed.

What should new Sternies make sure not to miss?

Clubs are the best way to better understand industries, build community, have fun, and maybe even play a sport! I love the Follies—everything that they do. One of my favorite videos they made is the Real LAUNCH Captains of Stern, which was a parody of The Real Housewives.

What are the best tools for returning Langone students?

Balance is a really hard thing to maintain because your time at Stern is so little. You want to make decisions that are the best use your time.

On Stern Links (under Life and Community) we have a student-developed resource that’s a flowchart for keeping balance, which asks “What did you want to get out of this?”; “What experiences and skills did you want?”; and “What professors did you want to work with?”

What has been Stern’s impact for you as you move into the corporate world?

While at Stern I got to meet incredible people doing incredible things. I helped them actualize the things that they were most excited about. I got to have an impact on this place and hopefully changed it for the better.

I hope I have the same opportunity to go to FCB and have that same level of impact on building a community—an inclusive community. That is really important to me and I will never forget the experiences I had here. They made me a better person. I feel very fortunate to have been here.

Diana, the Stern community wishes you the best of luck!

Bonus: Check out Diana’s Stern Chats episode from last year! 

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