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One-Year Anniversary Special: Conor Grennan

RE-RELEASE: In honor of Conor Grennan’s recent award for administrator of the year and the Stern Chats one year anniversary, The Oppy beings you a re-release of the very first episode of Stern Chats, featuring Grennan, with a special new introduction. 

Conor Grennan One Year Anniversary Special 

Conor Grennan, Stern’s Dean of Students was recently voted Administrator of the Year by the Stern student body. This award is intended to recognize those members of the administration who, through their dedication and commitment, have enriched the student experience here at Stern. Coincidentally, Conor Grennan was also the first guest that was interviewed for the Stern Chats podcast and his award couldn’t be more timely as this week is the one year anniversary of the official launch of Stern Chats. Please listen in as Conor tells us about his New York Times Best-Seller, “Little Princes” and shares his views on volunteering and heroism.

Stern Chats – Premier

The Oppy is thrilled to present our new podcast: Stern Chats! Our first episode features Stern’s beloved Dean of Students, Conor Grennan. (Listen here or download on iTunes.)

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Listen to Our Pre-Series Intro:

The mission of Stern Chats is simple: explore the untold stories of students, administrators and faculty at NYU Stern. Like any premiere business school, NYU Stern is filled with impressive resumes.  Still, some of the best stories cannot be found on paper. Stern Chats brings those amazing stories out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

This semester, the podcast is being hosted by me, Francis Varrichio, and Sheri Holt who present several great episodes for your consideration and entertainment. Each week we will feature members of the Stern community and their personal stories and reflections.

We hope that students, alumni, faculty and administrators – past, present and future – will listen, appreciate and learn about our podcast’s protagonists who walk the halls of this great institution. Episodes will be short enough for your daily commutes and full of exciting tales, insights and powerful life lessons.

If you love NYU Stern as much as we do, we hope you will listen and enjoy. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or listen through the links on the Oppy website. If you have an amazing story or would like to nominate someone to be on the show, please let us know!

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Stern Chats is an MBA student-run production that runs in affiliation with The Opportunity, Stern’s graduate student newspaper.

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