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Letter from the Editor

NickHappy Leap Year! May the Earth tilt ever so slightly in the direction of your wildest dreams today. This week’s Opportunity asks a simple question: what boundaries have you pushed recently? I’m not talking about begging your girlfriend until she finally agreed to see Daredevil with you. What’s the last goal you set that felt unattainable at the time? When did you last challenge yourself to see the world from a brand new perspective, to watch the telecast of the political party you don’t identify with? (Okay, that last one was meant as a joke. I think?) If Rihanna can cover a Tame Impala track in a surprisingly successful manner, dear readers, I submit that the sky truly is the limit of our dreams. What a time to be alive! (The album is “ANTI” and the track is “Same Ol’ Mistakes” should you fancy a listen). In LiO and the second-year follow-up Managerial Skills, Professor Dolly Chugh instills in students a familiarity with the concept of chasing a “growth mindset”—the systematic and internalized belief system adopted by one who believes they have the capacity to adapt, evolve, and develop their skills, talents, perspectives, and correlated mental disposition. I bring this up because recently I’ve been thinking about the fact that, at some point down the road, there is the distinct possibility that someone in our midst will run a major company. (See also: “Underhill Curio”). I also have a curiosity as to whether that person thinks today that they are capable of such a feat. Maybe CEOs are a special breed, and this person is bored out of their mind, biding their time each day, just waiting for the day they can rise to glory. I think the more likely scenario, though, is that this person is just like me and you. They avoid beer blast on weeks when they just aren’t feeling it, missed a class or two along the way, and will only realize their potential one day by striving to reach smaller milestones along the way, each with a new perspective on what’s possible waiting on the other side. Because here’s the thing, friends: growth is an incremental series of boundaries broken.

Yikes, I really like that sentence. Let me repeat it: Growth is an incremental series of boundaries broken.™ Fire up the presses, put that on some t-shirts and coffee mugs! (Legal note: the superscript TM is meant in jest; I do not [yet] have any legal claim to that saying. But to any JD/MBAs who have happened upon this rambling, I’m very interested in moving on that. Let’s do lunch.)

Break something,


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