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On Marketing, Millennials, and the 2013 GMA Conference

Alex Reicherter, MBA Class of 2014

Marketers.  You know us.  We’re the so-called poets of business school.  The undergrad English and Psychology majors.  The ones who bought and learned how to use a financial calculator a few weeks before their first finance test.

If you took or are taking Professor Carr’s Marketing class, hopefully you learned that the purpose of business is to create customers, and that marketing is instrumental in winning and retaining them.  You can’t be successful in finance, or consulting, or entrepreneurship, without a grasp of how to understand and influence your consumers.  With that in mind, here are some great reasons (in addition to the incredible goodie bag) to attend the 2013 GMA Conference on Friday, November 8th at the Kimmel Center.

AD - GMA Conference Full Poster

You are the Star of the Conference!
This year’s Conference theme, “Brand Evolution: Engaging the Millennial Consumer,” will explore the strategies top brands are using to communicate with us.  If you’ve ever skipped commercials on your DVR or tweeted about your favorite brand you’ll know how important effective marketing to Millennials will be, no matter where your post-MBA career takes you.

Influential Keynote Speakers
The stars of the show, this year’s speakers do not disappoint.  Cole Haan CMO David Maddocks will speak to the origins and implications of the Millennial mindset.  Bully Pulpit Chief Strategist Mark Skidmore will share the story of Barack Obama’s 2008 digital fundraising campaign – perhaps the ultimate case on effective marketing to Millennials.  Finally, JWT Strategist Will Palley will deliver insights on Millennials in the BRIC countries – a must for anyone interested in global business.

Incredible Panelists  from Brands You Know & Love
In short: Marketing isn’t just about cookies and shampoo anymore.  Participating companies this year cut across almost every industry: Facebook, Deloitte, Equinox, Shazam, Pernod Ricard, MTV, and Abbott Labs to name a few.  No matter which industries you are looking for, the Conference will provide you with an important perspective on the latest marketing strategies that are delivering success.

Opportunity to Get a Personalized Guinness Glass at Happy Hour!
Like most of the Stern population, I never miss a Beer Blast if I can help it.  The GMA Conference Cocktail Reception is in another league: it isn’t in a basement and will not be 100 degrees.  Enjoy specialty cocktails from reception sponsor Diageo in Rosenthal Pavilion, against the backdrop of Washington Square Park.  During this Happy Hour, we will have an interactive opportunity to get your own personalized Guinness glass! Most importantly, this is an exclusive networking time with speakers, panelists and alumni from throughout the day.

The Value of the Goodie Bag Alone Far Exceeds the Ticket Cost!
Let’s be practical here… if you’re reading this, you’re probably a student with a budget you’d rather spend on social events (read: beer) than buying personal products.  If nothing else, GMA goodie bags will provide you with enough Wheat Thins, Trident, Colgate Toothpaste, Bayer Aspirin and more to get you through the rest of this year without spending another dime.  That’s called net present value.  Or at least I think it is; I’m still figuring out my financial calculator.

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  1. Matt Pitch Book January 2, 2014

    This brand evolution conference was presented well by top professionals. I hope they will start another one soon this year.

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