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KW’s Guide to Charity Ball

Krystal Walker, MBA Class of 2014

November’s sudden arrival has caused me to ponder several things: Where the heck did the last 10 months go? Felt like it was just yesterday I was in Dallas, questioning whether or not I wanted to sell Doritos for the rest of my life? Did skipping all those social events at the beginning of the semester really make me more effective at recruiting? What am I going to wear to Charity Ball? Okay I may or may not have been pondering that last one since the start of October. Charity Ball is one of my favorite events at Stern. It’s basically B-school Prom without the anxiety of needing to secure a date— if you’re single its not about who you come with, but who you leave with…I kid, I kid. But seriously, if your after party schedule includes a stop at Artichoke Pizza or BonChon Chicken, we will probably be leaving the party together, just ask Rex Pham or Brandon Daye. Get your minds out of the gutter! We just ate pizza/fried chicken and then parted ways. Gosh! You know what, I’m just going to segue into my guide for having fun at Charity Ball, before I write anything else with a scandalous overtone:

Charity Ball Guide:

If you are single, do not feel the pressure to bring someone. Charity Ball is not a great first, second, or 5th date, if one half of the pair is not a Sternie. Listen, no one likes to be at a party where everyone else is having the time of their life and they are stuck watching the only person they know get pulled into the middle of the dance circle to grind on a classmate. This will happen, I know, because I am usually the person pushing you into the middle of the dance circle. But seriously, if you are single don’t bring someone unless you are willing to be the world’s most attentive date: including your partner in every conversation, them in on inside jokes, avoiding the temptation to dance aggressively with this semester’s crush. That’s’ a lot effort to put forth for someone you’re not serious about.  If you have anxiety about showing up alone—go with a group of friends and make your pregame epic. Last year I went with three really hot ladies, who did not get upset when I totally ditched them to dance with my MBA2 crush—best.dates.ever.
If you’re in a serious relationship/married and you bring your significant other, be the most attentive date in the world! Also, try to make sure your partner knows a few people already in the crowd so they feel comfortable navigating the scene without you. James Schiro  & Trent Trujillo are pros at this, their spouses might as well be Sternies.

Navigating the Bar:
There is always a long line at the bar. Even if there are multiple bars at the venue, plan on waiting at least 10minutes for a drink. Be patient, go with a friend—get two drinks at a time. If you’re feeling generous, make one of them a diet coke, dancing makes me thirsty.

Get fancy kids, it’s a black tie affair.
Fellas, that means a suit with a tie—bow tie for extra points.  Do yourself a favor and don’t wear the same suit and tie combo you’ve been rocking to all your corporate presentations. Mix it up! Throw in a pocket square. Don’t be afraid to leave the land of white shirts behind for a pop of color, or a pattern. Or you can follow the example of the fearless Oppy Editor Dan Gidycz, and go for the gold and wear a tuxedo. Places to shop that won’t drain your financial aid disbursement include J.Crew,  Nordstrom Rack,  Century 21.
Ladies, don’t feel that you have to wear a long black gown. There are so many options when it comes to evening wear, it would be a shame not to explore all of them. In the end go with whatever makes you feel the most glamorous!

Places to Shop that won’t drain your financial aid:
Century 21
J.Crew [Discount with Student ID!]
Nordstrom Rack

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