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From Stern with Love3 min read

School raises over $15,000 at Bond-themed Charity Ball

What do you get when you combine some 700 Stern community members, 80-plus donated auction items and an uber-classy black-tie affair at the Highline Ballroom?

Well, this Nov. 17 it all added up to over $15,000 in charity donations for charity:water and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The James Bond-themed NYU Stern Charity Ball was a major success from both the perspective of fundraising for charity and having a fun night out.

The event was made all the more impressive by the spread of donated items from students, alumni, professors, and committed community members.

Items ranged from making a dream come true (dinner date with Miss USA) to getting fashionable (gift certificate to Trunk Club) to guaranteed fun (karaoke with our very own Office of Student Engagement).

The overwhelming amount of donations overflowed from the stage out to the hallway — a physical demonstration of Stern’s huge charitable spirit.

Excitement was in the air as eager Sternies flocked to the sold out event, quickly filling the space with an irrepressible energy. Delicious drinks, delectable cuisine, and questionable dance moves defined the night in the backdrop of generous bidders carefully eyeing their favorite items and monitoring with trepidation at the ever-increasing bids.

When the clock struck midnight, no one’s chariot turned into a pumpkin, but some bidders’ dreams turned into reality as they conquered the competition and claimed victory over the targeted items of their desire.

Special thanks go out to all who donated and sourced donations. We would especially like to thank our generous faculty and administration who donated items:

Dean Henry
Professor Mohebbi
Janet Lyden and Diana Hyde (Office of Student Engagement)
Professors Marciano
Professor Lennard
Professor Mazzarese
Professor Chernoff
Professor Winer
Professor Hendler
Professor Galloway
Professor Kabaliswaran
Professor Lieberman
Professor Backus
Professor Attenberg
Isser Gallogy (Admissions)
Professor Ghose
Sandra Merrill (Academic Affairs)
Professor Luke Williams
Professor Juran
Professor Damodoran
Professors Czepiel
Professor Carr
Professor Hurvich
Professor Eggers
Dean Brandenberger
Professor Younger
Pam Mittman (Office of Career Development)

Matching the generosity and dedication of our wonderful faculty and administration were our distinguished alumni and committed students.

We reached deep into our networks to source great items for auction, including gifts from AL MVP Miguel Cabrera, NFL legend Emmitt Smith, and President Bill Clinton! All involved in the Charity Ball were impressed and thrilled with the quantity and quality of donated items.

Speaking of charity donations, we raised over $15,000 in auction proceeds that went to two great causes.

The first, charity:water, has a mission to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. $10,000 of the proceeds from the auction and gala were donated directly to charity:water’s program in Ethiopia, creating fresh drilled wells that will provide drinking water to hundreds of people.

The remainder of the donations (some $5,000) went towards Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, providing supplies and support urgently needed by those worst affected by the crisis.

Thank you to SCorp and PTLF for their dedication and tireless execution on ensuring a successful Charity Ball. As the photos from the night evidence, all the hard work paid off as the Stern community was able to fully enjoy one of its marquee events of the year.

Special thanks go to Marisa Rosenthal, Karima Rasul, Marcia Friedkin, Marci Fenichel, Kelly Goldston and Sarah Needham for their superlative efforts in making it all happen.

The only regret stemming for the night, it appeared, is that it would be a full year before another Charity Ball.

A true mark of success, indeed.

Written By: Tom Hamnett

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