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Stern Somebody: A Musician in Our Midst

The Oppy staff is starting a new feature for the paper called “Stern Somebody” to tell the stories of remarkable classmates and how they became the exceptional people they are today.

It is with great pleasure that we present Todd Lewis Kramer as our inaugural Stern Somebody.” Todd is a songwriter and singer from a sleepy suburb of New Haven, CT, and has been playing and singing his songs around New York ever since he moved to the city in 2009. He started singing in high school, but once he realized he wanted to write his own songs, Todd taught himself a few chords and started seriously writing toward the end of college.…

Pink is a Color

Karibi Dagogo-Jack, MBA Class of 2014

KaribiKaribiI was gonna write about Haim – a band I love – but, UGH. Days Are Gone came out and it’s perfectly listenable. It’s back-to-front with cleanly-produced, monoculture pop that forbids opinion-forming. Most songs ask if you’re partial to Fleetwood Mac. If you’re an idiot and you reply that you’re not, the sisters Haim beg your pardon and play a few jams that sound like 90’s girl-group R&B with live guitars instead of synthesized drums (the supercool “My Song 5,” for instance). Everything is done so perfectly, but this kind of forced perfection is why the musician P!nk…

2 Chainz & the Minstrel Show

Karibi Dagogo-Jack, MBA Class of 2014

A lot of good music has come out in the last few weeks. Space-pop diva, Janelle Monae released her second album, The Electric Lady. Just like her first, it’s another holy mess that attempts to cram all of pop music from Judy Garland to Outkast into one frenetic record. Canadian indie rock ensemble, The Arcade Fire also released “Reflektor,” a frontrunner for song of the year. And another Canadian, the emo-rapper Drake, put out Nothing Was the Same, yet another languid and defensive addition to his can’t-miss oeuvre. Oh yeah, and 2 Chainz made B.O.A.T.S

Genius & Thom Yorke

Karibi Dagogo-Jack, MBA Class of 2014


The word “genius” has recently become devalued through overuse. If A-Rod (one of the very few Major League Baseball players to have been censured for steroid use twice) can be described as a genius for turning a double play then what the hell was Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. Or, Madame Curie, for that matter. That being said, genius is just about the most straightforward description of Thom Yorke. Yorke, the leader of the bands Radiohead and Atoms for Peace, is one of the most important musicians of his generation. Blessed with a wisp of a voice that can beautifully conjure disaffection and lament, Yorke’s influence is evident on followers from Coldplay to Arcade Fire.…

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