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Class of 2020 Launch Week Special: Sarah Rubin and Dhruv Sharma

Stern Chats welcomes the NYU Stern Class of 2020 in this special two part episode with outgoing student Sarah Rubin and incoming student Dhruv Sharma. In this story, we capture the energy and enthusiasm students have when they arrive and depart Stern and share some valuable insights on how to make the most of the Stern MBA experience.



Fortune 500 loses PepsiCo’s female CEO, marking a 25% decrease in women at the top

On August 6, PepsiCo Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi announced that she would be stepping down after 12 years at the helm and a total of 24 years at the company. “Twelve years is a long time,” Nooyi told the Wall Street Journal. “This wasn’t a discussion out of emotion or anything of that sort.” In a decade, Nooyi grew the company impressively; PepsiCo and its strategic acquisitions allowed the company to grow approximately 80% in revenues ($63.5 billion last year) from when she started. More importantly, Nooyi leaves behind a company that has significantly invested in healthier eating, having predicted the decline of soda.

Stern Sailing Club Happy Hour on the Arabella

En route to becoming official, the Stern Sailing Club staged its first event to welcome prospective club members, and what an event it was.

On board the mega yacht Arabella, anchored in the Manhattan Harbor, the entire crew enjoyed incredible views of the city and a shimmering sunset over the water.

The 157-foot schooner style yacht was built in the 1980s to sail a famous actress across the Atlantic. That journey completed, the boat has passed hands, been updated, lengthened and converted into the luxurious mega yacht it is today, capable of sleeping up to 40 guests.

With directions straight out of an international spy movie, the invitees were instructed to first make their way to the Brookfield Ferry Terminal and across the Hudson River to the Manhattan Yacht Club, where there would be a launch boat waiting.…

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