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Posts published in “Issue 4: December 2020”

Skill responsible for 50% of your success at a consulting case interview

By Peter K

Creating a solid opening structure for a case is part of the basics despite regular hype around it. Strong brainstorming and math are also just fundamental skills, not exceptional. If you are great at frameworks, ideation, and calcs, you will just match the expectations of your interviewers, but it won’t be enough to secure an offer.

Case interview isn’t about solving a case (the majority of candidates usually solve their cases). It is about your ability to talk.


Basic: “In my first bucket, I’d like to explore the client’s airline market and analyze four areas – market size, its growth rate, competitive landscape, and typical profitability.…

Covid Journals: Quarantine and care packages in Taiwan

During the Fall 2020 Semester, The Oppy will be publishing submissions from members of the Stern community about how the Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted their experience in and out of the program. If you wish to write about your own experience, please e-mail us at 

The following entry comes from MBA student Stacy Chen.

I grew up in Taiwan and moved to the United States when I was 13 years old. Since then, I’ve managed to go back twice a year to visit my family, while two times every year they made the reciprocal trip here. This year was, of course, different. …

Amplifying Voices: A Candid Conversation about Intersectionality

By Laura Gigliotti

On November 30th, the NYU Stern Women in Business (SWIB) Alumnae Group, in partnership with the Black & Latinx and LGBTQ+ Alumni Groups, hosted a virtual panel discussion about intersectionality. The panel was moderated by Tolu Odunsi, assistant dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the University at Buffalo School of Law, whose research and areas of interest include critical race theory. Panelists included Sabrina McCoy Griffin (BS 1980), senior consultant, Diversity & Inclusion, Jennifer Brown Consulting, Yesi Morillo Gual (NYU MS 2016) diversity & inclusion strategist, Proud To Be Latina and Yemaya, a recent graduate of Morehouse College and author of the forthcoming book, Resurgens: Becoming the Phoenix.…

A comeback plan for general aviation

By Nicolaus Schmandt

For those who don’t know, “general aviation” refers to the sections of aviation outside the typical commercial experience. It includes smaller, mostly private aircraft, usually flying out of smaller airports (or private sections of larger airports). This includes everything from swanky charter jets to small, beat up four seater propeller bush aircraft. For those who operate these aircraft, they offer a significant amount of freedom and convenience over what you can get from typical commercial aviation. If you haven’t done this before, it is probably even more convenient than you think: the US has over 14000 small airports spread across the country, and most people are less than a 30 minutes drive and don’t even realize it.…

The Amazing Story of Captain Kidd

Six months of quarantine can do a lot to a person. For anyone who loves dogs, you probably know it was pretty hard to get a foster pup in 2020. Luckily for me and my partner, we were able to get a cute, 2-year old pitty named Captain Kidd in September. I say lucky now, but it was more of a roller coaster of happy, stressed, delighted, and then finally, lucky.

When we first picked up Captain Kidd from the PSPCA, he was a bit jumpy and leashy, but he had the cutest smile on his face. He also had a pretty bad limp on his front right leg.…

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