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Posts published in “Issue 3: November 2020”

The Work Begins Now

I had quite the shock last week. After eight months of what I thought were MBA courses at NYU Stern, I discovered I’ve actually been attending online classes with Stern Lawn N’ Landscaping, the only place in Wausau, Wis., worth calling if your home needs more curb appeal. While the employees have surprisingly deep knowledge of forecasting models and the Cobb-Douglas function — I mean, how else would it have taken me this long to notice? — it is clear I’ve been made a fool.

That tuition better cover a whole lot of lawn care.

Luckily, I learned last Saturday that I was in good company, though I use the term “good” loosely.…

The Election, the Vaccine, and the Moolah

If you haven’t heard Joe Biden is president-elect of the United States of America, you should probably stop reading now. The market had priced in several predictions for the US elections of 2020. We all know the polls were not as accurate as projected but, as usual, the devil is in the details. The Senate and House election outcomes have caused the major moves in the market thus far, not so much the presidential election. And don’t worry, we will obviously get into the Covid vaccine’s effects on the market, too.

First and foremost, the Senate and House election surprises. What this means in market speak is the unwinding of the “blue wave” bet.…

Pfizer’s COVID vaccine demonstrates efficacy in clinical trials. Now what?

Last Monday, Pfizer announced preliminary findings from Phase III of clinical trials demonstrate that its SARS-CoV2 vaccine is effective in producing antibodies against COVID. Pfizer partnered with German biotech firm, BioNTech, to produce the vaccine. Pfizer is one of the two forerunners in Phase III of clinical trials to prove efficacy of an mRNA vaccine. The other being Moderna. mRNA vaccines are developed from re-engineered messenger RNA (mRNA), the molecules that relay genetic instructions from DNA to the cell’s protein-making machinery. The company’s technology sends synthetic mRNA into cells, which would hypothetically invoke an immune response that causes the body to develop antibodies against the virus.…

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