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Coronavirus and the Market Part III

Note: Considering the potential market fluctuations throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, it should be noted this article was originally written on 3 June 2020

A few weeks ago in May, the US treasury announced a record high $96 billion quarterly refunding driven by the Covid-19 emergency stimulus. This compares to $84B from last quarter, an amount which held for the previous 5 quarters. So how does a former Goldman Sachs Banker, who is one of the longest-tenured cabinet members in Trump’s administration, decide to structure such debt in such crazy times? In other words, how does Mnuchin, the U.S. treasury secretary, think?…

Taiwan 2020 Election: Tsai Wins Re-Election in Resounding Fashion

On January 11, 2020, incumbent President Tsai Ing-Wen was reelected as president of Taiwan. In a landslide victory, Tsai secured over 57% of the ballot with 8.2 million votes, the largest vote total for a candidate since the island held its first direct presidential election in 1996. Tsai’s party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), also won a majority of seats (61) in the Legislative Yuan.

Few would have expected these results less than a year ago. In November 2018, Tsai and the DPP suffered massive defeats in the midterm elections as domestic issues like necessary, but ill-received pension reforms and wage stagnation led to a decline in her popularity.…

The Purpose Bowl

The Purpose Bowl

How Political Activism and Marketing Became (Unintentionally) Entwined

JJ Emru, MBA Class of 2018

Let’s get this out of the way. As a lifelong Jets fan, I found much of what happened between the lines during Super Bowl 51 downright nauseating. I’ve been told that others found it very entertaining.

But if you were one of the more than 100 million viewers who tuned in to the big game this year, it was what happened during those infamous commercial breaks that may have truly inspired you. Or perhaps made your blood boil.

From couch surfing to big lumber, automotive titans to beloved household brands, #SB17 will be remembered in the marketing world for the role social causes played in brand advertising.…

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